Cancer Zodiac Style

No, this isn't a post on love and sex.

Get your mind out of the gutter and welcome to Cancer season!

In astrology terms, your star sign is Cancer, a water sign symbolized by a pinchy crustacean, and your birthday falls on or between June 22nd to July 22nd.

The zodiac symbol for Cancer is something that looks like a 69. It's a warped, very loosely based image of a crab, that happens to be portrayed as '69' most of the time. #themoreyouknow right?

Cancers are intuitive, loyal, and sensitive aka moody af. But enough about your personality traits, we're here for the fashion.

As a visceral woman, you know your sense of style better than anyone else. It's hard to talk you out of your style sense— and that's not a bad thing. We love a woman who knows what she wants!

Here we'll explore what a Cancer sign looks best in, and what you "should" be wearing based on your astrological sign.

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⁣Happy Cancer season bbs! 🦀♋☀ Time to put on some Sam Smith and have a good cry while looking at pictures from your childhood 😭🙃😅 But for real, Cancer is a highly emotional and intuitive sign, as well as the sign of all things related to mothers/ motherhood, and home. This will be an emotional and nostalgic rollercoaster-y astrological season, especially with Mercury retrograde + 2 solar eclipses thrown in 😬⠀ ⠀ Here’s how you can work with this energy:⠀ 🦀Channel your emotions into creative projects⠀ 🦀Practice inner child work/ mothering⠀ 🦀Do something nice for a loved one⠀ ⠀ ✨For deeper guidance into Cancer season + what it means + how you can work with it, I wrote an 18 page workbook available for instant download for Cosmic Babes! 📓♋🌛 You know where to find the link 😉🖥⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #cancerseason #cancerzodiac #cancerseason♋ #cancerenergy #cancervibes #cancermoon #cancersun #witchesofinstagram #witchesofinstagram🔮🌙 #witchesofig #witchcraft #witchvibes #witchaesthetic #witchcrafts #astrology #astrologymemes #astrologyposts #witchmeme #witchmemes #witchyvibes #witchythings #witchywoman #witchystuff #witchyaesthetic #witchylife

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p.s. Cancers love feminine vintage-y styles (kind of goes with the whole moody vibe of their personalities), but they always keep their outfits fresh by maintaining a modern flair. Stale, frumpy, or dated should never come to mind when viewing a Cancer's wardrobe.

WFH Cancer Outfit

2020's most popular acronym, WFH = work from home. With the rona still lingering, most of us are 'stuck' working remotely. Some people find pleasure in this work from home era and some not so much.

Regardless, a Cancer knows not to compromise on her usual charming style in trying times, and she finds satisfaction from her work from home wardrobe choices. Here's an accurate representation of what a Cancer wears while working from home:

What A Cancer Wears On The Weekend

A Cancer doesn't deviate from her sharp sense of style on the weekends. She knows how to turn it up and turn it down when necessary. Here are 2 cute Cancer style dresses, that you can dress up or down:

A Cancer's Handbag Collection Looks Like

Cancers don't really care about labels per se, as long as the handbag is well crafted and looks elegant, a Cancer knows she can pull it off. Save the trendy logo-ridden bags for a Taurus, and focus on styles that sing to you.

A Cancer's Favorite Shoe Styles

Shoes are an important part of any star sign's style, and it's easy to argue that as long as you're wearing a great pair of shoes and a chic handbag, the rest of your outfit doesn't need to matter all of the time.

These are our favorite shoe styles for a Cancer:

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

The last 30 days were all about Gemini season and a Gemini's style sense. Now we're in Cancer season— and FYI you can always count on us to bring you the best zodiac fashion each month.

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