The Best Shirts To Wear When Working From Home

Well, the best shirts to wear while working from home second to wearing your bathrobe!

This is a FU .. a follow-up .. to our COMFY PANTS To Wear When Working From Home!

At this point (surprisingly) we're all tired of sitting on our couches, and we're actually craving some sort of structure. We're tired of wearing our pajamas for 4 days in a row, and we're actually looking forward to styling our hair and doing our makeup. After all, we've had enough time to watch 3 years of beauty tutorials on YouTube in less than 1 month. But we've learned some pretty cool things.

This doesn't necessarily mean that we're eager to put on a newly ironed stiff as a board white shirt and blazer combo just yet— but this does mean that we want to UP our comfy shirt game to wear while working remotely!

We already know that it's possible to wear comfy pants that look more appropriate than sweats, and we're ready to do the same for our upper bodies.

You Can NEVER Go Wrong With A White Shirt

When in doubt, throw on a white shirt. Neutrals always reign supreme, and the white shirt is a must-have closet staple, that luckily, comes in many different forms, so you can have a whole closet full of white without getting bored. It's like black, but you know, white.

The best part about wearing this particular shirt when working from home is that no one will see you (except for the occasional video conference call), so if you're normally required to wear a uniform, suit, etc, those rules don't apply. You can have FUN with this remote work outfit.

The knotted detail and cinched waist make this See by Chloe white tee extremely chic to wear when working from home.

Equipment is one of our go-to brands when searching for tops to wear to the office, and the brand is SO comfortable and easy to wear that it only makes sense to include it on our comfy shirts to wear while working from home list.

A little splurge is okay. Indulge yourself in this comfy cotton tank by Balmain. The gold button embellishments on the shoulder instantly make it feel dressy.

Sustainable clothing can be comfy! Eileen Fisher's organic cotton collared shirt is the comfortable work shirt you'll want to be seen in when working from home (those zoom calls).

Last but not least on our most comfortable loungewear for women's list is this shirred sleeved top by Veronica Beard. (pssst: it's on SALE)

More Comfy Shirts to elevate your WFH Wardrobe

Because these are the most comfortable loungewear tops that actually look nothing like loungewear :)

This sexy off the shoulder shirt by 525 America conveniently comes in 5 other colors. Buy them all?

Wear this black cardigan over any tee to instantly look and feel more polished. Anything by brand SKIN is known for being super comfy, and this belted wrap is no different.

The update version of a 90's cardigan. We love the soft baby pink color and the scalloped edges are a nice nod back to the 90's. This pink cardigan by Paige is the perfect work from home top.

If you wanted to get in on the denim shirt trend, do it with GRLFRND's light colored denim shirt. Be brave these days and go for a denim on denim look.Hey, if it has a collar it's work appropriate right?

Divine Heritage offers us another unconventional wear to work blouse with its khaki colored ruched blouse. WFH (which means Work From Home) in this comfy top and pair it with cropped leggings or other sweatpant type loungewear bottom.

Remember, anything by Equipment is a good idea. Also, for the items (like this one) that are on sale, snag them now before they sell out!

Last but not least on our what to wear when working from home list is this 100% silk striped shirt by L'Agence. Pinstripes scream office wear, right?

Your Comfy WFH Closet Edit

We hope we've showed you some new tricks when it comes to choosing a comfortable top to wear while working remotely. It's good to think outside the box and step up your loungewear game, with a little help from your fashion friends.

All of the shirts in this post are extremely comfortable and nonrestrictive. Feel free to move, lay down, stretch, etc in any of our work from home outfits.

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Stay Safe & Healthy from your friends at Shop It To Me.