Working from Home Wardrobe Essentials

For some people, working from home is a dream. For others, it’s an unproductive nightmare. For us, it’s all about the clothes – obvs.

When you’re working from home, the general gist from the experts is that getting up and dressed properly is the thing to do. PJs should be banned and robes are not a substitute for outdoor clothes.

The idea behind this theory is that we can’t feel productive if we’re not wearing our work clothes. While we get it – we also want to be comfy. So, this blog is all about finding comfortable clothes for working from home that also makes us feel ‘ready’ for the day.

Mission accepted.

What to Wear When Working from Home

Here are our top working from home must-haves.

Loungewear Sets

Now – word on the street is that we shouldn’t be wearing PJs if we’re working from home. But who said anything about loungewear sets. Not only can loungewear sets be comfortable and cozy all day long, but they can also be deliciously chic.

Try a stylishly coordinating loungewear outfit if you haven’t yet and tell us you don’t like how it feels.

Slouchy and comfortable but undeniably chic, we’re obsessed with this set from Free People at Revolve.

Mix it up with a skirt instead of lounge pants.

Comfortable Jeans

For some, jeans in the house is a big no-no. But for others, it’s the discernible difference between ‘chill’ clothes and leaving the house clothes.

So, if you’re going to do denim when you’re working from home, you still want it to be comfortable. Whether you’re working from your home desk or a city center office, skinny jeans ain’t comfy. But slouchy, on-trend straight-leg and boyfriend style jeans can be.

Classic Levi’s 501s come with a looser fit and a whole lot of built-in stretch.

Or go slouchy and low-rise with these Current/Elliot jeans.


It feels easy to throw on a comfy old hoodie for a day at home behind your desk. But this isn’t going to get you going. It isn’t going to give you that ‘I’m at work’ vibe and it isn’t particularly professional for video calls and conferences that you might have scheduled in.

Instead, opt for comfortable but chic knitwear. Whatever the style, knitwear is a great option and will leave you feeling dressed yet cozy. The perfect combination.

The perfect wrap sweater?

Cozy, chic and neutral to style with anything in your wardrobe.

A belted sweater or cardigan gives your knitwear a slightly more dressed up feel.


A collection of t-shirts cannot be big enough when you’re working from home. Whether you’re wearing them with jeans or leggings, you’re gonna need t-shirts and lots of them.

And t-shirts are always a good investment because 1. They’re comfortable 2. You can dress them up easily so they’re never a waste.

H&M always comes up with simple and inexpensive t-shirts for every day.

Find designer tees with slashed price tags with the help of Shop It To Me.

Comfortable Trousers

If we’re not to wear PJs, we might slip into wearing joggers. While this is obviously OK, some joggers are so comfortable that they’ll leave us feeling as cuddly and cozy as PJs would.

The answer? Opt for elastic waist trousers and smart joggers. And leave your cozy sweats for the weekend.

Swop pinstripe suit pants for these elastic waist trousers from Tommy Hilfiger.

Or go for fancy joggers with the best of best worlds from Cupcakes and Cashmere.


When it comes to comfort, can we really talk about anything that gives us more comfort than the right bra? When we’re working from home, we are more aware of what gives us discomfort and a bra that we might put up with in the office suddenly has no place in the home office.

These comfortable, wireless bras are a dream.

From Le Mystere, this bra isn’t called Second Skin for no reason.

Simple and perfect from GAP.

Go for feminine but ultra-comfortable from CK.


No matter how much you like to dress up when you’re working from home, chances are you’re not going to be wearing shoes.

Take your working from home clothes up a notch and finish any look with some chic and stylish yet totally comfortable slippers. You will not be sorry.

The UGG Scuffette slippers remain a firm favorite.

If you prefer open-toe, these Lou & Grey slippers are super chic.

Or go for comfortable AND on-trend.

All of these work from home wardrobe-essentials were picked out from our partners at Shop It To Me. This means that as long as you’re a signed-up Shop It To Me member, you’ll benefit from all the best online discounts for both high street and designer brands.

Once you look and feel the part – you need to make sure you actually get some work done. Here are our top 5 quick tips for working from home and staying productive and efficient.

How to Stay Focused When Working from Home

Create a home office zone

Bed or sofa might work for a one-off day of working from home but if it’s anything more than a day or two, it just won’t cut it. You won’t feel professional and productive and you’ll feel more inclined to procrastinate. Setting up a real workspace that makes you feel good will ensure that as soon as you’re sat at your desk, you’re in work mode.

Schedule in breaks – and go outside

Breaks are just as important as meetings or conference calls. You need them to make sure you stay on track and focused, working at your best. Schedule these into your day – literally – and if possible, take your coffee break outside. A change of scenery, no matter how brief, is always a good call.

Schedule calls into your day

If you’re working from home alone, schedule some calls throughout the day. You don’t realize how much you need to talk aloud until you don’t do it anymore.

Turn off your phone

You might not be able to do this if you take work calls from your personal phone. If not, delete Instagram – or your personal vice – from your phone during work hours to reduce procrastination.

Don’t force it

Sometimes you’ll be focused and sometimes you just won’t. Push hard when you do feel productive and when it’s just not clicking, switch it up and do something else.

Stay focused and productive in your own workspace and keep comfortable yet dressed for the day in the right work-from-home outfits. Sign up to Shop It To Me today to find working from home clothes with the best discounts online, right now.