Affordable Sustainable Clothing

A derivative of our recent Luxury Sustainable Fashion Brands article, we have high hopes for what's in store regarding affordable and sustainable clothing.

We know the cost of fast fashion, and we know that it's not exactly cheap to make sustainable and ethically produced fashion either; but for what's at stake, it's easy to justify spending more on fashion that isn't harming the environment or a by-product of cheap child labor. (like, duh).

So, in our quest to be more eco and socio-friendly, here are the best affordable brands that we found to be making a conscious effort regarding these trying issues.

Let's start with hyper-conscious shoe brand Rothy's

Rothy's flats, as seen on Meghan Markle, are made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles, and the brand doesn't just stop at caring for the environment. Rothy's also cares for its employees and offers them extensive health benefits, competitive wages, and clean working environments.

A pair of Rothy's flats will set you back at least $125, but they are machine washable and have a long shelf life. The brand is affordable in the sense that its most expensive shoe tops out at $165 and you can buy $10 insoles if you want to get even more wear out of your Rothy's. Machine washable + new insoles = no stink.

We found all of our affordable sustainable fashion brands via Shop It To Me, which features Rothy's for both women and kids.  To learn more about Rothy's, go to

Shop It To Me is a money saving sale site (and App) focused on bringing your favorite brands, from your favorite stores, all together in one easy shopable place. It's free to use so you might as well give it a try— we happen to love it.

Veja sneakers are the new "it" shoes

Veja, a relatively new name in the sneaker game and also seen on Meghan Markle, is trending for being super sustainable. Veja is sustainable and ethically aware on so many levels from materials to production, so it's fair to say that the brand has earned its credibility and already massive following.

Ranging in price from $120 to $165, much like Rothy's, Veja sneakers are undeniably cool and affordable when it comes to sustainably produced shoes.


Effortless, flirty, cool, and eco-friendly are just some ways to describe ultra hip brand Reformation. The brand's tagline: "We make killer clothes that don't kill the environment" is exactly what customers are now expecting from their favorite clothing brands. Reformation is affordably priced and often on sale— you can find many of the brand's fashionable tops at the $30 mark and you can score many of its full-priced dresses for less than $99. Added bonus: Reformation also offers plus sizes.

Alternative Apparel

The perfect pairing to any Veja sneaker, Alternative Apparel makes the comfiest tees and loungewear made from 100% organic cotton, recycled poly, and naturally occurring rayon. The brand assumes a strong responsibility, its factories adhere to the Fair Labor Association, and besides using post-consumer recycled polyester and other techniques to reduce harm on the environment, Alternative Apparel's packaging is 100% eco-friendly.

You can find this brand's super soft and affordable sustainable clothes on Shop It To Me, and in doing so you'll probably find a ton on sale (as low as $8)— the same goes for everything else on this affordable sustainable fashion brands list.

Add a pair of 2019's best sunglass brands for women to complement the comfy tee look.

J.Crew but make it sustainable

J.Crew is now including eco-friendly and ethically conscious clothing options into it's main line. These high-rise cropped blue jeans are made from "sustainably dyed organic cotton, they were crafted at a LEED®-certified factory called Saitex using renewable energy and recycled H2O—one of the most sustainable denim manufacturing facilities in the world. Solar power and miniature windmills save the facility 5.3 million kilowatts of energy per hour. Plus, Saitex is also a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, which means that for each product manufactured we contribute additional income to a Community Development Fund run by the people who make our clothes."

Ohh, and they're affordably priced at a cool $89.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat, referring to materials and nature, is a really cool vegan, cruelty-free, and nature friendly brand of bags, wallets, and cardholders.

Ridiculously low priced for the fashion industry, but nothing about these vegan goods are cheap. No animal products are used in production, the lining of each bag is made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles, the company works closely with their factories' owners, ensuring that integrity and standards are being met, so basically Matt & Nat are bonafide lovers of all living things.

You can score a Matt & Nat vegan mini bucket bag for under $90, like this one seen below.

H&M's Sustainable Fashion line

So you've heard of H&M but did you know that the brand has a "conscious" line? It's called H&M Conscious and it's its most sustainable collection yet in 2019 (because we know in the past its conscious line was under scrutiny). H&M's new 2019 Conscious collection is made from plant-based sustainable materials and the brand says that it plans to use "only 100% recycled or other sustainably-sourced materials by 2030." Well that got our attention and impressed us enough to add it to our affordable and sustainable clothing list. This wool blend coat is our Fall favorite:

Sustainable Looks Good On You

Before, if you wanted to find stylish and sustainable clothing at a great price, it was an ugly journey and the findings were sparse. But now, the future looks bright and plentiful, even for those on a tight budget with sustainability in mind.

Want to read more about sustainable fashion, the newest fashion trends, and how to get the best sales on your favorite designer clothing? Make sure to check out our Inside Scoop, to stay up-to-date on all things relevant in the fashion industry.