Luxury Sustainable Fashion Brands

Sustainable clothing is 2019's biggest trend, and guess who embraces it the most? Millennials.

So who better than to write this article ;P

Anyways, luxury sustainable fashion means a lot to us Gen Yer's, even if it's out of our price range. We're ditching fast fashion (we won't name names) and we're shopping smarter. It's quality over quantity for us, and we're willing to make compromises elsewhere in our lives, so that sustainable fashion can fit into ours.

p.s. We recently wrote an article on How To Shop The Best Sustainable Clothing Brands, giving you plenty of tips on how and where to shop for these sustainable trends, so make sure to read it, because we aren't repeating content.

Luxury Ethical Clothing

Luckily there's a free little App called Shop It To Me, which tracks sales and informs you of price drops on your favorite luxury sustainable fashion brands/pieces. Shop It To Me also works on your desktop, and that's exactly how we found every eco-conscious garment in this article.

The Best Sustainable Leggings

Leave it up to luxury lingerie designer brand Wolford to make a chic pair of sustainable leggings. Cheap quality leggings can be expensive (we see this all the time) yet the quality on these black Wolford leggings (made from biodegradable materials) pays for itself.

Style these with flat combat boots and an oversized white button-down shirt, a la menswear style.

Upcycled Denim

A byproduct of itself, Re/Done creates perfect fitting jeans from old Levi's. You know, jeans from jeans. Denim by Re/Done is pre-loved, made in the USA using water conservative techniques, and everything is done without using harmful chemicals. Besides all the sustainable stuff, every style from Re/Done will make your tush look like its best version.

Luckily you can always find tons of Re/Done jeans (and the brand's other articles of clothing) on sale via Shop It To Me. And, even though Re/Done's prices can be upwards of $200, you're getting the luxe product that you're paying for.


Amur believes that fashionable clothing doesn't need to be at the expense of our environment. Topping out at the $1,000 range, Amur's dresses are playful, fashion-forward, and they have a lot of personality. We also have a sweet spot for Amur's tops, which have unique silhouettes and fun patterns. You can also find Amur, like every other sustainable brand mentioned in this article, on sale via Shop It To Me.

We find that all of Amur's luxury blouses pair expertly with all Re/Done denim.


Another sustainably conscious company on our luxury list is Tome. Consistent with Amur's pricing, Tome is luxe but still within reach. Tome often visits the women in its factories and the brand also cares immensely about its supply chains and the environment. You'd be here all day if we lectured you on each company's founders and policies in detail, so let's jump to Tome's chic and sophisticated womenswear line. It's classic, but current, and we're currently lusting after its paneled shirt dress.

Maggie Marilyn

Getting personal with her brand's manufacturers is female designer Maggie Marilyn. She's super passionate about ethics and sustainability in the fashion world, and she came to make a difference. We love her chic blazers and jackets the most.

Stine Goya

Stine Goya has a new commitment to sustainability that is definitely a step in the right direction. Yes, it's pricey but Stine Goya's luxury AW19 capsule collection is 100% sustainable. If you're going to be flashy, why not do it sustainably?

Proving that Sustainability does have a place in the Fashion Industry

Every single luxury sustainable brand mentioned above is a big power-player in the fashion industry. Even if they are newcomers, they are groundbreakers, and they are true forces to be reckoned with.

As sustainability and ethics become more talked about in daily conversations, we have no doubts that other brands will jump on the bandwagon and start to take its people, and its environments, into consideration when creating their new collections.

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