Hot New Brand Alert: Rothy's

Anytime a young royal hits the limelight, her style is instantly recognized across the US and pretty much worldwide.

Meghan Markle is the subject and the brand is Rothy's - the flats she so effortlessly slips on and off when heels are not an option.

About The Brand

Rothy's is an American brand, founded in San Francisco, focused on sustainability. It's kind of ingenious, because besides being crazy sustainable, Rothy's flats are incredibly chic and comfortable.

The founders, Roth Martin and Stephen Hawthornwaite, are fully committed to creating ethically and environmentally conscious flats, and here's how:

  • Each flat's knitted upper part is created from 100% post-consumer plastic water bottles
  • The rest of the shoe, besides the knit part, is also created from recycled materials, including their sleek packaging
  • Vegan, non-toxic, durable, and carbon free are accurate ways to describe Rothy's flats
  • Rothy's owns and operates their factory in China, so they have full control and are able to provide the best wages and working accommodations to employees
  • Regarding transportation, the brand's carbon footprint is small
  • Their San Francisco headquarters uses windmills for energy, and of course all their lights are LED, would you expect anything less from this hyper conscious brand at this point?!

P.S. We recently wrote an article focusing on How To Start Shopping For Sustainable Fashion, and there are so many companies out there that could definitely take a page from Rothy's fashion book.

Now that you're fully informed about this super Company, let's talk fashion!

Rothy's isn't only out to be the most sustainable, it's also heavily fashion focused, hence Meghan Markle's obsession with the brand.

Rothy's flats come in 3 styles: the flat, the point, and the loafer. A sneaker version is also available, which we're sure is undoubtably going to go viral next.

You can find all of these brand new styles from Rothy's on Shop It To Me.

The Flat

A sleek design with its round toe, and coming in a plethora of patterns and colors, there's a shoe here for everyone.

Rothy's promises that there's no awkward or uncomfortable break in period with their shoes (hallelujah finally a shoe that gets its consumers)!

Another fun fact is that all Rothy's flats are machine washable. #truestory

You can also buy new insoles for all of your Rothy's flats to keep them smelling fresh as a daisy.

The Point

As seen on Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, this pointed toe flat is a chic option for the office, shopping with the girls, an alternative to heels on date night, and even the beach!

Making it a point to mix staples and bolds, Rothy's color combos are insanely flattering, and it shows. Just when you thought you couldn't make red camo print look chic - think again.

Speaking of the office, we wrote a piece on Stylish & Trendy Work Clothes that work both in and out of the office - and these pointed flats would go perfectly with all of the looks within that article.

The Loafer

We are loving this color palette (don't worry every version of shoe shown in this article comes in even more colors than the ones shown here).

When you're not sure what to wear with that denim skirt or pair of black leggings, consider adding an oversized poplin shirt and a pair of Rothy's loafers. Versatile and mature yet fun, the loafers are our 2nd favorites besides the point!

Where to purchase

Rothy's flats can be purchased directly from the brand's site via Shop It To Me is a free designer sale shopping service, alerting you of the newest fashions, brands, and sales. Hence, when we heard of Rothy's, we KNEW we had to carry the brand's shoes, and let our members know about this trending brand right away!

When shopping via Shop It To Me you are actually purchasing your flats directly from the brand's company, but the idea is that you would use Shop It To Me to get alerted first (before anyone else) of the designers' sales.

It's a free sign-up and of course there's an App for it, too. Many of your friends might already be on the fashion-forward site, and if not, feel free to invite them!

*All images courtesy of and Rothy's Instagram.