Sounds like kind of a basic lame title BUT we're here to give you the best freaking work clothes that you can also wear not to work.

You heard right.

It seems like everyone is blogging about it, but honestly we have yet to really see a great write-up, so here we are, here to save the day from fugly work clothes, because we've seen one too many girls look like they're on their way to a hideous skirt convention. #unfair

The not so dreaded work blouse

Wearing a blouse to work is like wearing a bikini to the beach, it's a yes/necessity. However, the type of bikini/blouse you choose will undoubtedly make or break your experience. Don't let frumpy happen to you.

Sultry silks are staples

A silk blouse is the obvious choice, and it should be. Choose mostly classic pieces, but do add a bold color/print into the mix here and there. Plain Jane all the time is b-o-r-i-n-g.

However, choose from bold blouses that are demure enough for the office, yet make sure that you can imagine them with black (or white) skinny pants and sky high pumps for a night out . . . It's always all about the styling.

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It's better to stay in the know and learn about new brands and deals rather than just rely on the same old.

And, here are some examples of the proven necessary silk blouses that are not so bold, yet simply perfect, especially to double as weekend attire . . .

You can wear the above 3 blouses with skinny denim and strappy sandals on the weekend, or with a pencil skirt, tights, and Louboutin's during the week. When you pick quality pieces that have a great fit (ahem, all the blouses we chose), you're not going to be disappointed in the long run.

Let's quick focus on the work skirt

Not too short, not too long, too tight, or too big, the woes of women's skirts. Theory makes a great basic pencil skirt, and it's worth investing in. The below looks are what you should be aiming for in order to nail the suiting skirt look. And duh, Shop It To Me has them all.

p.s. any skirts with zippers, keep zipped during the day for work / always tuck in your blouse / a white blouse goes with everything (stock up on many different styles) / stick with subtle patterns always wrt skirts!

Notice even the blue skirt on the right has a subtle pattern? This makes it appropriate for other events, without it looking like solely a work skirt.

Can you already tell that these shirts and skirts are working seamlessly together?! Because they ARE.

Also, wear these pencil skirts for date night with a chunky cropped sweater (not midriff showing, just cropped to the waistband of the skirt) and top off with sexy strappy sandals.

Okay so this post can get real long real quick so let's just focus on one more thing: PANTS

Never wear shorts to the office - ever. Cropped and capri type dress pants are okay to wear. Kitten heels look best with them. Let's see what constitutes as a chic:

Pinstripes are sexy, fitted trousers are sexy, you can wear them with a concert tee and pointed pumps for a chic look, and what woman doesn't need another pair of cropped black ankle pants to show off her new shoes?

Chances are you're in your late 20's to 40's so dress like the sophisticated grown up that you are, and make it work on the weekends.

Okay, wait, we're forgetting BLAZERS! A good blazer = LIFE

There are countless times when a woman needs a blazer beyond the office, so here are some blazers that are statement making, without looking librarian-ish. When choosing a blazer make sure the fit is right - use our guide on women's work suits and tailoring.

These all look AMAZING with our above pant suggestions, and yes this Armani jacket is crazy, but you'll have it for life, it will pay for itself, end of story. Here and now is the time to SPLURGE with a blazer. A blazer is as important as a designer handbag (check out our tips for nailing your first designer handbag on sale).

OMG we feel so much better about Monday already!

Going to work in an ugly outfit is a sin, especially when you can grab killer deals via Shop It To Me. Play around with the site, we promise you'll like it.

Remember to take into consideration fit, color, and quality with every purchase you make going forward, and you'll have a to die for work wardrobe in no time!