Leave it to Vogue to give us a history lesson on the bucket bag. Originally meant to hold champagne, it's obvious design now makes more sense.

Fashion freaks know that the bucket bag became big after Mansur Gavriel introduced the trend roughly 8 years ago, but to everyone else the bucket bag was more of a mystery, until now.

Literally a "bucket" of a bag, this type of bag doesn't have any compartments— it's basically a fashionable pail on a strap.

Mansur Gavriel since stuck with its iconic bucket bag and many brands quickly followed suit.

We'll discuss the best bucket bags of 2019 in this article, but before we focus on other brands' renditions, let us introduce you (or maybe just remind you) of the multiple bucket bags Mansur Gavriel is flaunting at the moment.

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On to some more shopworthy bucket bags!

The bucket bag is kind of like a wearable work of art— it's meant to be shown off. It's also a year-round accessory, and there's no outfit (or bikini) that it won't complement.

2019 is the year of the statement purse, so get ready to make a statement with these affordable designer bucket bags!

We never get bored of seeing Emilio Pucci's refreshing prints. Be iconic at the beach with this vibrant bucket bag:

Do you notice the streetwear references in Staud's black top handle bucket bag? Street chic at it's finest hour:

Ulla Johnson never fails to bring her charming bohemian aesthetic to every piece that she designs:

And, if you haven't noticed a pattern yet, let us point it out to you: the above bucket bags are all mini. It's kind of uncool to carry around a big bag these days and honestly the mini trend is one that we'll be following for life.

But of course, if you need a heavy duty tote, we won't fault you for carrying a stylish oversized bucket bag. In fact, here are a couple of our favorite large bucket bags . . .

Dying over the color on this sale Sophie Hulme leather bucket bag:

H&M makes this extremely cute and affordable large leather bucket bag (it also comes in black):

Freaking out over the nonchalantness of Rick Owens' tri-color bucket bag, and the fact that it can fit your laptop. It's supposed to look "worn in" and it has the "it factor" that many bags are missing (it's an unexpected look for sure):


The jewelry-turned-bag-designer that everyone is talking about right now is Rosantica. Rosantica is putting out the most beautiful bags and they're nothing like you've ever seen before.

Case in point, Rosantica's shell embellished bucket bag:

And, whether you love or hate the shell look, our write-up on 'The Shell Trend You're Seeing Everywhere' will have you shook and hooked on it. We always know how to take a trend and push it even further to make it fashionable.

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Are any of these your bucket list bucket bags?

Serious question!

These bucket bags are all timeless treasures that your wardrobe will 100% benefit from. There's no easier way to update an outfit than by adding a stand out bag to your ensemble. The only question is: can you stop at just one?