Dress Like A Taurus .. Zodiac Fashion Chic

Hello and Happy Birthday!

If you're new to this (or not) and your birthday falls on or between April 20th — May 20th, congratulations you're a TAURUS.

Being a Taurus is a good thing— you're smart, stubborn (yes, this isn't always a bad thing), loyal, beautiful, you enjoy the luxuries of life, and of course you dress well.

Here we'll explore some Taurus outfits and accessories. You Ready?

What a Taurus Wears to Work

Considering that we're in challenging times right now with COVID-19, with our wear to work outfits, we'll focus on more leisurely items, but we won't skimp on the luxury qualities that a Taurus so adores.

Check out these Taurus outfits that would work in today's climate aka switching the conference room for the couch.

Taurus's aren't normally down for crazy prints, but anything Versace is a YES. This denim brocade print shirt is much more suited to be worn as a dress. Pair with sneakers for a cool & chic look.

No one rocks a silk blouse like a Taurus rocks a silk blouse. You make every blouse look like a million bucks.

A Taurus knows how to do casual luxury well and she also loves a good white blouse— with a twist.

Get yourself a pair of comfy pull on pants! These are the perfect work from home pants that are crazy comfortable and simple chic.

Taurus Weekend Style

Taurus girls are just like the rest of us, they love to wear athleisure— ok actual work out clothes, when not working out at all. A Taurus is a label lover so obviously streetwear brand Off-White is in her closet.

Of course a Taurus needs a pair of athleisure bottoms to match her super on-trend workout top. We love biker shorts!

A Taurus is never seen without a sleek pair of sunglasses.

A chic pair of denim is something that all zodiac signs can agree on.

And a flirty yet cute top to go with the jeans.

Taurus Handbags

Remember, Taurus's love luxury, so nothing about a Taurus's outfit is cheap— especially not her bags and shoes! ... psssssst: we used the Shop It To Me App (and website) to shop for our designer bags on sale. It's fun and free!

Miu Miu's updated black woven leather shoulder bag with an exaggerated crystal strap is the exact purse we want to be rocking right now, quarantine or not.

What more do you need than a Saint Laurent denim shoulder bag? We're actually not kidding. . .

A Taurus woman would wear this Balenciaga belt bag with the Off-White street fashion inspired outfit noted earlier.

Taurus Shoes

Again, the Taurus girl is a material girl, so you know she loves herself a fabulous pair of shoes! Sneakers, flats, pumps, boots— you name it, a Taurus owns a pair (or 5) and she rocks them flawlessly.

Who doesn't love famously distressed brand Golden Goose? (don't answer that) ..

A sexy strappy gold sandal makes all the difference in an outfit, especially when they're gold and by luxury brand Jimmy Choo.

These nude flat tribute Saint Laurent sandals go with any Taurus outfit.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

So, did we nail it? You wanna know who else is a Taurus? Miranda Kerr, it's actually her birthday today, and she's the epitome of Taurus style goals!

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