How To Wear Bike Shorts With Class

We say 'with class' and we emphasize it, because there's a fine line between classy and tawdry. It's a hard line to see, easy to get sucked into, and it's never going to work long-term.

When we adopt a trend into our closets, we want to make sure that it won't just be another throwaway item. Yes, even here in the case of the bike short. How do we do this? We make sure these things check out:

  • It has to look good on us a.k.a we want to be wearing the item and not the other way around.
  • The quality has to be there.
  • Points 1 and 2 must be met.  

Stylish Bicycle Shorts

When we say bicycle short, we don't actually suggest heading to your local Modell's and beelining to the women's section asking for a pair of women's biker shorts. This will more than likely get you a pair of ass padded shorts with reflectives and a random logo on it. #thanksbutnothanks

Harper's Bazaar, among many other fashion outlets, predicted the current cycling short trend, and we don't hate it.

Like we said, there's a fine line, so with an eager eye, here are the most fashionable women's bike shorts and how to style them.

Sleek & Silky

MVB, aka Marie von Behrens, German fashion blogger, always ups the style factor with every outfit that she dons. Seen here from her Instagram, she stylishly pairs a plain black bike short with combat boots and an ivory silk blouse. This ensemble, topped off with sleek black sunglasses and a neutral crossbody = casual elegance.

We found a similar pair of high-waisted black bike shorts via Shop It To Me, which btw, also has combat boots, sunglasses, silk shirts, and crossbody's. It's a newer legit fashion site that combines all your favorite online retailers into one spot, providing you with a tailored inventory of brands and sizes, according to whatever you select. A personal shopping assistant but quicker and cheaper. Sign-up for free to see what all the hype is about.

Au Naturale

Sometimes less is more. Kourtney Kardashian proves this theory by sporting a casual oversized white tee with her cycling shorts. She adds a designer backpack and plain white sneakers (which reminds us, check out our article on the classiest, easiest, breeziest, white sneakers that you should invest in this Summer). Her no-makeup look and effortless natural looking hair only add to the organic simplicity of this outfit.

These shorts by Lovewave mimic Kourtney's and they were received with 5 star reviews across the board.

For Added Flare

And, because for most of us it would be boring to constantly dress in neutrals (although that's definitely a fighting statement), we suggest pairing your new pair of cycling shorts with a plaid/flannel button-down and a leopard scarf. #yikes but we're serious, and when over this outfit, at least you can wear each item independently (but we secretly think we could live in this outfit for years to come, it's very city chic).

If you don't want to incorporate leopard print into the mix, try another bold design like this one:

Stylist Tip: order the plaid blouse 1-2 sizes larger than normal, so it's a slightly oversized fit. A super slim fitted look won't work here.

So nice we liked it twice! Nili Lotan's 'judith' plaid shirt comes in 2 different yet similar color options. We can't decide, we love them both. And obviously, this look requires your button-down to be untucked.

We promise that with these earthy colored plaids and a bold printed print designer scarf, you're not going to look like a crazy person. You're going to look amazing.

Chunky Knits

Another outfit idea for the bicycle short trend would be to team it with an oversized knit. Very fall appropriate.

We love any of the below knits:

Stay Unique

We never want to bring you stale content. No one is looking for that. Hopefully you feel inspired by this post in some way. Even if the takeaway is small, it's still a minor accomplishment and pennies add up.

Don't forget to sign-up for free for Shop It To Me, so that you can snag deals on your own. There's an App, too.

Go on with your badass self and your bike shorts and don't be afraid to innovate and redefine what style means to you.