5 Fall Trends to Try Now & How to Wear Them

Although we’re in the midst of summer, before we know it, fall will be right around the corner. The weather will start to cool and our wardrobes will begin to change. But which are the biggest trends for fall that we can start adding to our collections sooner rather than later?

There were so many AMAZING trends to come off the runways for fall this year and we cannot wait to see how the high street translates some of these trends into more wearable pieces. Although some trends, such as leather trousers, are designed and made for the cooler months of the year, there are definitely some stand-out fall trends that we can start to integrate into our wardrobes now.

Here, we’re taking a closer look at some of the biggest fall trends that would seamlessly integrate into a summer wardrobe, making sure you’re investing in trends that you can wear now and for seasons to come. We’d never suggest trends to you that we predict will be old hat by next season (because it’s just not good sense!) but we’ll always bring you the trends that we know you will love to wear time and time again.

Because Shop It To Me has basically every single brand and retailer you could ever wish to shop, we’ve managed to pick out some perfect pieces for each trend that you can get your hands on right now. Some of them are even discounted already!

Ready? Let’s go.

Luxe Feather Details

Don’t be scared. Be luxe. Feathers were a big part of fashion week for fall ’19. We saw them on the runways from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Saint Laurent and Roksanda in all forms from full dresses and trains to teeny tiny accessories.

Feathers can seem OTT if you’re not used to wearing them but they’re actually just a great detail to make the simplest of pieces a little dressier.

The trick, if you’re going to delve into the feathers trend before fall, is to choose pieces that can take you through the seasons. This doesn’t mean that you need to go super simple, statement is still chic. But choose items you can imagine styling in at least five different ways to make sure you really get good wear out of the investment. Don’t invest for a one-off. Unless you just want to!

Here, we’ve picked out some pieces that could be worn at the height of summer or just as easily in mid-winter, all from Shop It To Me.

This Marchesa dress is dramatically reduced!!

The perfect cocktail dress?

Keep it simple.

OTT Shoulders

We recently mentioned in our ‘80s blog the return of the big shoulder and we weren’t playing around. Major fashion giants at fashion week were sporting seriously statement shoulders this year. Think Givenchy and Alexander McQueen for just an example. Styles were statement and puffy and devilishly over the top and included everything from ultra-volume to ruching and ruffles.

This is a super chic way to bring a trend from fall into the summer. And it’s best done with evening wear, dresses, and dressy tops. Opting for styles like this can turn a simple outfit into a statement, allowing you to look and seem dressier than you actually are. Good trick, right?

A dress for all seasons.

Bring big shoulders to the workplace this summer?

Perfect for summer but wear with black ankle boots in fall.

Very Yellow

We reported yellow as one of the biggest colors of the season in our recent blog, “How to Wear Yellow”, and not only were we right, but it’s continuing on into fall and winter as a seriously big hitter. The looks were seen on so many runways, including Fendi and Balenciaga, and were ultimately bright with whole looks in color block from top to bottom.

You can definitely inject this trend into your summer wardrobe now by starting to add yellow pieces. Go for a bold yellow shoe or purse to see how it makes you feel. By fall, you’ll be adding them to a full yellow maxi dress and blazer and calling yourself a fashionista. And you won’t be wrong.

Embrace the color bit by bit and work up to a full yellow head to toe look. Here are some of our favorite yellow pieces on Shop It To Me right now and if you want even more yellow inspo and how to style it tips, head over to our other blog post for loads of ideas.

Colorful Heels

This is one of the best and easiest trends from the fall shows that you can try now. If you invest in this trend, you’ll also find yourself with a pair of shoes that you’ll be wearing for years which makes it a great investment.

We saw highlighter-esque colors on the runways for brands, such as Saint Laurent and Victoria Beckham. Even though color from head to toe was a big deal for fall ’19, this time, the shoes were in focus. Bright and bold colors, yet very simple designs, were styled with low-key outfits. Pair your yellow or hot pink or bold red shoes with grey or navy suits, simple neutral looks or your go-to coated jeans and a black tee.

However you style them, the shoes should be the first thing that draws the eye to really nail this fall trend. And this is super easy to do in the summer.

Romantic Rose Prints

Florals have been (and always are, really) huge for spring and summer. We’ve been seeing so many florals and more than ever, we’ve seen florals in a casual way, styled next to sneakers and t-shirts. But the florals coming through for fall and winter are something else. It’s not about ditsy flowers or cutesy prints. It’s all about gorgeous, over the top, romantic and even gothic roses.

Valentino and Prada were just a couple of the designers that went big for this trend on the runway and there were many more to follow. This trend is all about finding the gothic vibes of the print and looking for summer-ready pieces that you can also wear into the fall with just the change of shoes or the addition of the right coat.

As always, when we pick out these pieces, we’re looking for versatility to allow you to nail the trend early, but also wear for years to come. Here are a few of our favorite pieces from Shop It To Me that got this look down.

Have we got you in the mood to get ahead on the fall trends? The question is, which trends are for you?

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