This Summer it's all about clean lines, sharp edges, and polished looks - when it comes to your sunglasses.

Less frou-frou and more refined styles are Summer's emerging winners. Leave the babydoll pink and embellished sunglasses behind, because sunglasses are about to get grown up.

3 of our Favorite Sleek Summer Styles

The Flat Top

Flat top sunglasses are the sleek sunglasses that you didn't know you needed - until now. Kim Kardashian (whether you hate her or love her, we're talking about her stylish sunglasses here) rocks the flat top shade look very well. Actually, this style looks good on everyone!

Most people shy away from this silhouette, but that's probably because they tried on a pair that was way too big for their face. Givenchy makes many sleek flat top styles, including these 3 below, that are sure to look great on any face - you just need to have an open mind!

The surprisingly sleek Oval Frame

Maybe not something that's on your radar, but definitely worth trying. Big, bulbous, and oversized round sunglasses should be put on the back burner-  for now. It's time to focus on sleek, sharp, and sophisticated styles this Summer, oval frames included.

Balenciaga is a brand of the moment, and it always will be. Elegant yet hip, these 2 skinny oval styles by Balenciaga are going to complement your face very nice. Trust us.

Aviators Anyone?

Aviators are universally chic, and this Summer's aviators are no exception. Most aviators already possess the sleek factor that we're talking about, but our picks take aviators to the next level.

Dior's futuristic aviators are perfect for this Summer, and they'll go with any t-shirt and jeans look. Keep your hair fresh and clean, and add a super shiny lip gloss.

We mentioned no glitz in the beginning of this article, but these Jimmy Choo sunglasses are the exception. They feature a tiny glitter rim, only visible from the sides, and it's just the right amount of cool. If you're not yet convinced, click on the image to see how they look on the model, because they look hella good (especially if you're blonde).

So far, so fierce?! We think so, too . . .

Sunglasses are the best Summer accessory to own! Sometimes you wear the same pair many times, with both your dressy and casual looks; and sometimes it's fun to collect unique pairs, so you can constantly switch up your look. Either way, OYOBox makes the sleekest minimalistic storage case, fitting up to 4 pairs of sunglasses. There's no better way to stylishly store your shades!

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