The Best Sneakers That Everyone Is Into

Contrary to popular belief, sneakers can be worn more often than not— it's all in the styling.

Whether it be a pair of classic white sneakers or unconventional Italian kicks, there's a must-have sneaker out there for everyone. The ability to be worn with multiple outfits, on more occasions than assumed, the sneaker world is looking more fashionable than ever.

Here we'll show you fashion forward looks that have total wearability.

Unexpected High-Tops

Some of our all time favorite high-tops are from a little brand called Golden Goose. Controversially distressed, Golden Goose sneakers are meant to look impossibly worn in, despite their higher price tag. If you haven't already been introduced to the brand, now's the time to get acquainted.

We recommend grabbing Golden Goose's glitter high-top sneakers when searching for the perfect shoes to go with Denim Shorts and an oversized t-shirt and/or hoodie. These high-tops will add a little sparkle to your otherwise mundane look:

Btw, if you're dying to get a pair of these impeccably scuffed up sneakers, we recommend using Shop It To Me to catch the brand on sale. Shop It To Me is a free to use sale alert service, and it's currently the most updated and fashion forward of the bunch. You pick the brands and sizes of your choice, and watch tailored inventory appear on your screen in seconds. It's designer sale shopping at its finest.

Another high-top pair of sneakers that we can't ignore is this pair. Marc Jacobs gives us this cool-girl pair of high-tops that will complement anything from a denim skirt to black cropped leggings. Taking a stab at the classic chuck taylor all star sneaker line, Marc Jacobs created this stunning grunge high-top shoe:


Personally, we find platform slip-ons to be the chicest type of slip-ons. Anything less than a platform heel in this style runs into boring territory.

Surprisingly, Keds brand has reimagined their classic sneakers into a young and fresh platform slip-on style. Its thick rubber soles bring an element of youth to this age-old brand:

These triple decker Keds slip-ons complement any outfit, especially when worn with a Straw Handbag and Bikini during beach escapades:

Besides Keds streamlined triple decker sneakers, we are into these equally sleek platform slip-on sneakers:

If you haven't noticed, we love ourselves a clean white sneaker. They go with everything from bikinis to maxi dresses.

Running Shoe Chic

Athletic shoes and slip dresses? Well, yes. We have a lot to say here. We love a silk slip dress with a white baby tee worn underneath it. And then yes, to top it off we advise on wearing a pair of running shoes. Nothing chunky, think clean lines and ultra lightweight. APL (Athletic Propulsion Labs) immediately comes to mind.

APL running shoes favorably go with mini, midi, or maxi slip dresses. To get the look, choose these:

We either cut out our laces or tuck them in, to give us the sleekest look possible. This tip comes in handy when pairing these kicks with slip dresses.

Low-Top Kicks

If you have a pair of feet than you probably own a few pair of low-top sneakers. A very broad type of women's shoe, the low-top sneaker should not be underestimated.

Naturally you probably own a few pairs that are dirtier than you'd like to admit. But that's okay, we only know this because we are 5x as guilty. Now's the time to splurge on a few new pairs, so that you can wear them with your everyday clothes, and throw out your overused ones.

We love these peachy Marc Jacobs low-tops.

These low-top leather sneakers are also shopworthy:

We love wearing our leather low-tops with mini skirts and track pants.

The Dreaded Dad Sneaker

Okay, we're being dramatic, we actually like this sneaker trend. The trick is to get a "timeless" pair, nothing neon or garish, which we know, is ironic.

That said, we are HUGE fans of Balenciaga's Triple S dad sneakers. Although filled with color, the tones are muted and oddly complement each other:

It's definitely a vibe that not everyone will get down with, but we hope that we've inspired you to go out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Check out these other "toned down" chunky sneakers:

We prefer to style these dad sneakers with either track pants or a super casual, solid colored, midi dress. Just add Sunglasses!

Do we have you convinced yet?

All too easily we could have shown you the newest in Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Asics, Puma, or Vans sneakers. While we're feeling all of the above brands, it would have been an easy cop-out for us. You can find these brands on Shop It To Me, but we aim to show you things that you don't already know or expect.

(p.s. we really love the common name brands above, especially the NikeAir Max, Adidas Originals Line, the Stan Smith line, and the Ultraboosts— that's why we are shouting them out!)

A pair of sneakers is essentially a very personal thing, and we don't advise you to just cave into the newest sneaker releases. Really take your time and think about when and how you're going to wear your new sneakers— by doing so you'll undoubtedly end up choosing the best sneakers for your wardrobe.

(hint: the best sneakers can be more than 1 pair)