The Best Fashion and Accessories for a GEMINI .. what your zodiac sign says about your style!!

Happy Birthday to all the Gemini ladies out there!

p.s. you're a GEMINI if your birthday falls on or between May 21st — June 21st.

Gemini's are witty, they love to party, they crave intellectual conversation (any kind of conversation actually) and they're also known for dressing exceptionally trendy and fashion-forward. The whole two-faced thing is passé.

This star sign is mega fun to analyze when it comes to its fashion sense and we used designer sale site Shop It To Me to find all of the below Gemini appropriate outfits.

Wear to Work (from home) GEMINI Outfit

Known for being playful and youthful, a wear to work Gemini outfit isn't going to be frumpy. While in this COVID-19 state of mind, we'll focus on WFH (work from home) outfits that are as fabulous and fashionable as you are.

Now is definitely the right time to break out those silk pajama tops. Fleur du Mal makes zodiac dressing sexy.

NSF makes casual chic sexy with it's super comfy 95% cotton skirt with a side thigh slit. It just so happens to match Fleur du Mal's top above perfectly. Then again neutrals are so easy to mix and match!

A onesie aka a jumpsuit is another great outfit to wear while working from home. Throw a sweater on top for modesty, warmth, or both.

Check out our recent piece on The Best Shirts to Wear When Working from Home! So many cute WFH outfits are on Shop It To Me right now.

Weekend GEMINI Outfit

As things are slowly opening up and we're allowed (crazy right) to go to restaurants and whatnot, we deserve a new outfit (or 5) to wear on the weekends. Below are some outfits that a Gemini might wear on the weekend.

Wear Staud's black maxi dress for a dinner date. Just add minimal makeup and wear your natural hair.

We love to prance around in LoveShackFancy items. This California brand always brings out our inner bohemia and it really shows the playful and youthful side of dressing for your star sign.

R13's super cool distressed skirts are always way too good to pass up. A true fashionable Gemini will appreciate the rugged effects and attention to detail here!

Designer Handbags for a GEMINI

Gemini's love fashion, meaning they live for a good handbag. Here are just a few bags that we know a Gemini will rock when dressing for their zodiac sign.

Sale items always sell out fast, so if something is out of stock, don't fret, there's always a good designer handbag sale on Shop It To Me (sign-up)

If you're tired of the usual minimalist looks we've been seeing recently, go for Stella McCartney's logo bucket bag with rainbow strap.

Hurry and get this current season Off-White jitney tote for a STEAL while you can.

Who wouldn't want to add a neon Balenciaga bag to their Summer collection?

All of the above bags are statement bags and they will go with any Gemini outfit!

And, if you're reading this and you're not a Gemini, any horoscope sign can agree that these handbags are shopworthy.

A GEMINI'S Favorite Footwear

Gemini's have a shoe fetish. It doesn't matter if it's a sneaker or a stiletto, a Gemini outfit most likely contains a beautiful shoe.

There are so many designer sales happening right now— snag these fabulous footwear pieces ASAP!

Wear these Paris Texas crocodile effect sneakers with Staud's black maxi mentioned earlier, along with the previous neon fuchsia Balenciaga. Everything in this article is meant to mix and match!

These Kenzo platform sneakers go with any dress or denim skirt.

These are the sexiest gladiators we've seen this season.

What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Style

Dressing for your zodiac sign is fun! A Gemini's sense of style is so effortlessly flirtatious yet simple. Gemini ladies sure know how to make it work.

Even with quarantine still happening, this doesn't mean that we should compromise on ourselves. Invest in yourself, your clothing, and your happiness!

Happy Online Shopping!