Because sometimes we don't want to put our prissy pants on.

Baggy, oversized, elastic waists with a drawstring, the comfy boyfriend style trend is one that we can get behind.

There's something about men's clothing that feels comforting right off the bat. It doesn't matter if it's your dad's sleep shirt with a big fish on it or if it's your boyfriend's hoodie— men's clothing just hits us different.

Particularly now when we're still in semi quarantine mode, we can appreciate the joys of menswear.

Here we'll show you our favorite borrowed from the boys pieces a.k.a looks that are usually associated with men, yet we love them, too.


We recently wrote a piece on The Anti Skinny Jean Trend and it's a must-read.

We're huge fans of MOUSSY brand denim, they are 100% cotton (most of them) and they fit like a dream. Their styles and silhouettes are also pretty unusual, however many companies have followed suit— not that there's anything wrong with that ;)

Wear this baggy borrowed from the boys look with a graphic tee, a fitted blazer, and open toe sandals for a girl's night out.

Baggy Shorts

Ever wear your boyfriend's boxers? They are just so damn comfortable! We love how R13 plays on menswear and the model rocks these boxer inspired baggy shorts. Wear with any tee, we suggest an oversized white one, and add sky high pumps. No one ever said you can't wear your Louboutin's with an elastic waist short.

Another cool concept is mid rise loose fitting jean shorts, that are also not super short. We love denim shorts paired with a fitted or oversized blazer. It's OKAY to rock a baggy ON baggy look. Oversized can be paired with oversized for sexy borrowed from the boys vibes.

Oversized Double Breasted Blazer

If you're wearing skin tight jeans or leather pants, a double breasted oversized blazer is the way to go. Wear just a sports bra under the blazer if you don't plan to take it off.

And, you can absolutely wear these menswear inspired blazers with a chic biker short. Bike shorts CAN be worn with class and when paired with menswear inspired blazers, your outfit will be a 10/10.

Chunky Dad Sneakers

Prada or Nada honey ... lol jk .. if you can afford these Prada chunky sneakers, please purchase because they are beautiful, and why not spend $800 on comfortable sneakers when you spend $800 on killer heels?

And when Prada is not in the budget, fall back on fan favorite Adidas for your next pair of chunky dad sneakers.

For styling tips and tricks, check out our piece on How To Wear The Ugly Sneaker Trend.


Menswear inspired womenswear is something that we actually live for. These cargo sweatpants come in a nylon material as well as an all black true sweatpant material. Wear them with a baby cropped tee or just a tight white shirt and cool baseball type cap.

Camo is a print that we never tire of. Wear a skin tight black shirt or tank (OR a bodysuit) tucked into these sweats for a comfy yet cool borrowed from the boys outfit. We're not huge fans of bodysuits unless done right, and here's where the bodysuit trend can look cool and effortless.

Borrowed From The Boys Never Looked So Fem

Borrowed from the boys never looked so fem as in it never looked so good on WOMEN. Or maybe it always did but now we're just falling for it all over again!

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