Sagittarius Horoscope Style

If you're familiar with Shop It To Me and our Inside Scoop blog, then maybe you're already following our monthly series of how to dress according to your zodiac sign. And if not? We're so happy you're here!

Whether you believe in this stuff like your entire life depends on it, think it's hocus-pocus, or just want to have a little fun dressing according to your zodiac sign— we're here to show you a good time, and to let you know what your zodiac sign says about your style (supposedly).

but first . . .

What are the traits of a Sagittarius?

A Sagittarius woman, born on or between November 22 through December 21, loves to explore, she embraces and actually seeks out change, she's highly intellectual yet loves to joke around, she's candid, and last but not least, she's an optimist. Is it too late to switch our birth dates?

This astrology sign is a fire sign, who prefers to be a social butterfly gallivanting about town, rather than spending the night in, so naturally her closet needs to be filled with enough outfits to keep up with her ongoing escapades. Lucky for her, and for the sake of her closet, she's able to mix and match patterns like a pro— think Olivia Palermo good.

& the Sagittarius woman, often referred to as a Sag, isn't afraid to have fun with fashion, so you know her outfits are going to be far from boring. Is this the reason why fellow Sag, Taylor Swift's outfits are always so intriguing? It's either because she's a Sagittarius, born on December 13th, or the fact that she probably has a very high-paid team of amazing stylists. We'll never know for sure.

Btw, a Sagittarius's favorite colors are plentiful, including lush purples, deeply hued blues, topaz, rich reds, oranges, and yellows. Being the energetic and multifaceted woman that she is, colorful is definitely the adjective that we'd use to describe her wardrobe in its entirety.

Now that you have the deets regarding a Sagittarius's traits and her favorite colors, let's see how they relate to her overall sense of style and what type of clothing, shoes, and accessories she likes best.

Zodiac Fashion Sagittarius Style

Because a Sagittarius is so unpredictable, her clothes often follow no specific pattern, unlike the Virgo or Scorpio woman, who have very strong and limited personal styles.

And, because we're now experts in this field of zodiac style dressing, fashion astrology authorities if you will, we're happy to present you with several alarmingly accurate Sagittarius outfits, style suggestions, and other favorites of this fire sign.

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Sagittarius Wear to Work Style

Never really knowing where she's going, a Sag loves a good work-to-going-out dress. A Sagittarius favors color and doesn't shy away from patterns, so there's not much that's off limits.

When it comes to wear-to-work style, we've never met a working girl that didn't appreciate an iconic DVF wrap dress. The below blue & purple diamond printed DVF dress is both fun and professional enough. We're wearing our DVF diamond patterned dress with either black tights and black pumps, or low heeled over-the-knee black boots. And of course, we're adding a Fall/Winter mini purse.

Crazy, but make it look professional. Alice + Olivia always adds the right amount of cray.

Sagittarius's also love leopard print, and this Elie Tahari silk dress is in signature Sagittarius colors.

And lastly, just because a Sag is bold in nature, doesn't mean that she can't appreciate a LBD. With endless styling possibilities, you can make this houndstooth shift dress whatever you want it to be.

Sagittarius Weekend Style

Again, the Sagittarius is a roamer, so think comfortable but chic sneakers, and something that's easy to move around in.

A Sagittarius's also not pretentious nor stuffy, so she enjoys being comfortable, yet still cute. Track pants, hoodies, and designer sneakers make up a lot of her wardrobe on the weekend for daytime activities.

In the night a Sagittarius's style looks something like this:

What a Sagittarius Carries Around Town

Needing a bag that's as flexible as she is, the Sagittarius woman needs a purse that at any given moment can transport effortlessly with her.

A juicy red Saint Laurent shoulder bag, a chic Wandler tie-dye belt bag, or Stella McCartney's famous mini falabella vegan handbag are perfect options for an always on-the-go Sagittarius.

Sagittarius's Favorite Shoe Style

Last but not least, we're focusing on footwear. A Sagittarius is a bit of a shoe hoarder (we can relate) so we're not holding back here. With as big of a closet as a Sag, this girl's gonna need plenty of shoe options for her multiple outfit ideas.

(check out our article on Rothy's shoes)

Sagittarius Fashion

Sagittarius outfit ideas, style trends, shoe selections, work dresses, weekend style, going out outfits, handbags, you name it— we just covered it.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of How to Dress According to Your Zodiac Sign!  

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