How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Edition

According to the zodiac calendar, if you're born on or between October 23rd to November 21st— congratulations (and happy birthday) you're a Scorpio.

Scorpio women are known for their smarts, intuition, sexiness, and their wildly charming and passionate ways. Her favorite colors are deep reds, such as burgundy, crimson, maroon, along with hues of black and blue. Scorpio women are said to be intense, just like their favorite colors.

And, last but not least, to add to a dizzying list of character traits, a Scorpio woman is mysterious and secretive— in the best ways possible of course. (more on this later and what it has to do with a Scorpio's fashion sense.)

Back to the burning zodiac fashion questions at hand. How exactly does the Scorpio woman dress? What does a Scorpio's closet look like and what does this water sign favor? A Scorpio's closet is filled with rich colors, sultry silhouettes, sleek suits, and timeless pieces. Scorpios live for dressing up and they take pride in the attention they put into their appearance. Let's take a peek into the Scorpio girl's wardrobe and gain some inspiration regarding what this zodiac sign says about your style. . . .

A Scorpio's Color Scheme

A rotating closet of neutral and darker colors, you won't see a Scorpio sporting anything bright (yellow's just not her color), loud patterns are her enemies, and she probably won't be seen wearing the latest logo mania trends.

We're still into the logo mania craze, especially when Hailey Bieber wears it, and we're pretty sure that a Scorpio could appreciate a logo item, if done in a tasteful and darker color of course. We're envisioning Off-White.

We know the Scorpio woman prefers her clothing plain (but never boring), she wears mainly solid colored pieces, and she favors quality over quantity any day of the week. A subtle print like the one on Equipment's pussy-bow silk blouse is something that a sexy Scorpio prefers over any in-your-face print.

And, an idea that we can bond over, fast fashion for a Scorpio is a no-no (we can definitely relate: check out our new articles on Luxury Sustainable Fashion Brands and Affordable Sustainable Fashion Brands).

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Continuing on with our Scorpio sister's on-point fashion sense, she's known for embracing her sexiness, and here are some other things a Scorpio might wear:

Mysterious and Unassuming, but Still Sexy

Some people find the sign of the Scorpio confusing and contradicting, and they often assume it's a fire sign, when it's actually a water sign. This sign is often misunderstood, but once you educate yourself on this intriguing zodiac sign, you'll quickly understand it.

So when we tell you that a Scorpio woman likes to fly under the radar, but still come across sexy when seen, imagine her wearing something like these sultry pieces:

When looking for added coverage, top off any of these looks with a black blazer or black trench coat.

A Scorpio's Shoe Sense

Dark and moody, a Scorpio sign favors a plain Christian Louboutin pump over anything fro-fro.

Scorpios love to splurge and indulge themselves in luxury items, so slipping into a Louboutin should feel natural to you. Well, sales feel natural to us, and this Christian Louboutin 'cosmo' pump is on sale from $795 to $499 ... if you're not lucky enough to read this article before this Louboutin pump sells out, sign-up for Shop It To Me to see what else is in store for you right now on sale.

What a Scorpio Carries

A Scorpio lady needs a bag as sexy and mysterious as she is. No one better comes to mind than Dolce & Gabbana.

Literally no more words are required here.

Scorpios love their Sunglasses

We also love a killer pair of shades, and when we're feeling extra shady we throw on a pair of trusty black cat-eye sunglasses. Sexy French brand Saint Laurent does a classic cat eye sunglass best.

Accessorize like a Scorpio

And finally, Scorpios love high end designer costume jewelry. They also favor the real thing (who doesn't). Ippolita's multi-colored cascading drop earrings are the icing on the cake to any outfit.

Here's something a little more budget friendly, although remember the Scorpio's motto: Quality over Quantity.

A Scorpio's Fashion Sense

Horoscope shopping for a Scorpio is a good time. We admire how strong and confident the sign is in herself and her appearance. Not afraid to flaunt what she's got, a Scorpio knows what looks good on her and how to work an outfit.

The next time you need to reference an outfit for a Scorpio think mature options, sensual cuts, deep dark colors, and of course don't forget to bookmark this page!

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