How to Wear Yellow – This Season’s Ray of Sunshine

It’s one of the most debated colors in the fashion world when it comes to who suits it and how to wear it but for the spring and summer runways for this season, yellow was ALL over the show. This golden hue splashed color onto the catwalks for the likes of Oscar De La Renta and Carolina Herrera and was cited by Cosmopolitan and Glamour as the stand-out color of the season.

So, in light of this light and bright statement color trend, we thought we’d have a little look into how to incorporate yellow into your wardrobe. We wanted to make it easy for you to add this color without a huge investment into the trend so we chatted to our best stylists and fashion pros to gather some seriously good style advice.

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Our Top Tips on How to Wear Yellow

Here, check out our top tips for how to choose which yellow is for you and how to create an on-trend outfit with this season’s biggest hue.

Work Out Which Yellow Hue Is You

Have you ever heard that blondes can’t wear yellow? Or that if you’re super pale you must totally avoid it? When it comes to yellow, it’s known to have quite a few rules around it but these rules are certainly not watertight. For instance, if you have very golden blonde hair, yes, rich yellow isn’t going to necessarily complement your hair and coloring. BUT that doesn’t mean a pair of beaut bright yellow pumps won’t look amazing so never think that this color is out of bounds.

So, how do you work out which yellow shade is right for your skin tone and coloring?

Here are our top tips:

·     If you have light or fair skin, stick to richer tones of yellow, such as mustard. It’s more about complimenting your skin and hair tones so this will depend on if your hair has cool or warm tones.

·     Olive and richer skin tones look best in more primary yellow and amber shades and are best to avoid pastel and light hues.

·     Darker skin tones are lucky when it comes to yellow because pretty much every yellow shade will look amazing.

Do It With A Statement Blazer

A statement blazer can be a great way to ease yourself into the trend because it’s not too much of an investment and there are tons of ways you can style the look up.

Do it simply with boyfriend jeans and a white tee or pair it with tailored trousers and a silk shirt for a statement workwear look.

You could even add a bold yellow blazer to a black or floral evening or maxi dress for a chic look straight from the pages of Vogue.

Dare to Go Head to Toe

It’s a bold look but it can be one of the chicest. Think New York Fashion Week street style and envisage long flowing midi and maxi skirts paired with bold yellow knitwear and layered with an oversized blazer.

A head to toe yellow look doesn’t just mean a long maxi dress and matching heels. It’s all about mix and match. Creativity. And it needs a little TLC and a LOT of confidence.

Would you dare to rock a complete head to toe yellow outfit?

Clash It with Other Primary Colors

When you find yourself buying a bold item of clothing, it’s often tempting to style it with all black or all white or even super neutral hues, such as grey. But what about opting for a clash?

Yellow suits being next to the other primary colors (think bold red and bright royal blue). But it also goes beautifully with loud green tones and turquoise and can look amazing next bright hot pink. Clashing is on-trend just as much as loud and statement prints so why not mix it up and create a head to toe look that really gets people talking?

Embrace Pastels

Yes, bold and bright yellow is in the spotlight right now. But paler pastel yellows are up there too and for darker skin tones especially, these can look amazing paired up with other pastel hues. Think soft lilac and baby pinks for a super-sweet on-trend look.

Have Fun with It

Yellow tends not to be everyone’s go-to color. Even if you’re totally obsessed with this trend, chances are you’re not going to suddenly find yourself with a wardrobe stuffed to the brim with statement yellow dresses and knitwear. Right?

In that case, why not have a little more fun with your choices? Opt for unusual statement pieces and bold details that really stand out. Make a statement of the fact that you’re wearing a statement color. Instead of simply trying to make it “fit”. Let it stand out!

You can do this by opting for bold shapes and lines, extravagant details and head-turning pieces. Imagine this to be your most creative outfit and get playful.

Keep It Subtle

If you fancy dipping into the yellow trend but don’t quite feel like going all the way, that’s fine too. Keep your choices subtle and go for muted or faded tones or even yellows that are weaved into a print to give you more styling options.

If you opt for a print, you could always pick out the color and make it bolder with your accessories choices later when you’re feeling a little more confident!

Do It with Pops of Accessories

This is probably our all-time favorite way to rock this sunny hue - through our accessories. Whether you wear a head to toe black or white look with pops of yellow or clash it with another bold palette, yellow accessories are the perfect way to add the color to your wardrobe in a quick, easy and instant way.

Whether you spotted the yellow trend absolutely everywhere at New York Fashion Week and have been wondering how to style it for yourself ever since or you’ve just spotted this blog and like the look, we hope we’ve inspired you to try it out!

Dare to fully embrace a head to toe yellow look with the full outfit (including all of our great accessories!) or just add a pop of color in here and there to show your support to the trend. Whatever works for you, works.

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