The Best Sunglasses For Women

So we already touched on The Best Sunglass Brands For Women, and now we'd like to turn the focus on what types of sunglasses best fit a women's face. Hint: It's every type.

We'll narrow in on our favorites, including brands featured in our best brands list, among other new ones.

The Cat-Eye

Cat-eye sunglasses will bring a certain shape to your face that you might not naturally have. Wearing this style is kind of like a mini face lift in five seconds. Everything shifts upward and it's so much better than fighting with your eyeliner.

We suggest sheer clear shades for an all-day everyday approach, complementing every outfit. With this particular style, you don't need to worry about how sunny it is, if you're indoors or outside, or if you're in a work suit or a shift dress, because they are going to match every occasion.  

These above 'lelaina' metal frames by Oliver Peoples are the perfect example of cat-eye sunglasses done right. Even though the lenses are on the clearer side, this Oliver Peoples pair still has you protected 100% from harmful uv rays.

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Round Frames

For the ladies who think round sunglasses are ugly and bulbous— you have the wrong idea. Not too big, not too small, medium sized round sunglasses complement even the squarest of faces. The trick is to go for a metal frame pair and not thick plastic framed lenses. In this style, sleek is better.

Tom Ford takes a simple approach with these 'ryan' stainless steel round frames. Crafted in Italy, you can't go wrong wearing anything Tom Ford. Featuring 100% uv protection, you can feel confident in these metal frame sunglasses wherever life takes you.

Aviator Shades

A pair of classic aviator sunglasses is always in style and a definite on our list. If you're really in the mood to make a statement, then these stylish red and green Gucci gradient lenses are the perfect way to do so— with class.

If you're looking for more of a classic style, which is an essential in any women's (or men's) wardrobe, Ray-Ban makes this semi-rimless 'highstreet' pair, that appear undeniably cool on any face shape.

Square Styles

Celine makes a glamorous pair of sunglasses (or 5) every season, and we're thinking these tortoise shell brown square sunglasses will go with everything when black sunglasses don't. These are also polarized sunglasses, providing superior glare protection.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a huge fan of Celine sunglasses and she looks effortless every single time she is spotted wearing them, and that's exactly how we would classify Celine sunnies = "effortless glamour".

The best sunglasses for women are the ones you feel most comfortable in

You should never buy a pair of sunglasses solely because everyone and every celebrity is wearing them. You should buy them because you like them and they look amazing on your face. Forget the recent rhinestone and wacky styles, and stick with the classics on this list.

We also wrote an article on Sleek Summer Sunglass Styles which further focuses on clean lined styles and styles that ultimately look good on every women's face shape— you just need to bite the bullet and try them out!

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