How To Dress For Your Zodiac Sign: Virgo

They say a Virgo is analytical, classical, and gentle. "They" were the Babylonians and even if astrology isn't legit, it's fun to think that somewhere far, far away, celestial things could be related to and possibly influencing Earthly things.

Whether you follow your horoscope like guys follow their favorite sports teams, or if you think it's 100% bull, nonetheless it's semi-intriguing (can we at least agree to this?) to think about your personal style in connection with your zodiac sign.

If your birthday falls between August 23rd — September 22 congratulations you're a Virgo.  

Virgos are "Earth" signs and that means you're grounded, reliable, and more conservative than not. Virgos prefer to dress in Earth toned colors (shocker), and Virgos also favor looking feminine, tailored, and overall smartly polished. They don't fall into the latest flashy trends and they don't over accessorize. Don't worry though, you're not prude, you just prefer to dress sophisticated if you're going the sexy route, as opposed to something like this.

Virgo Style

Now for the fun part. Here are some Virgo outfits, all found via Shop It To Me, that will give every other zodiac sign a run for its money.

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Virgo Wear To Work Outfit

A Virgo's fashion style definitely meshes well with workwear. A pantsuit is a Virgo's best friend and they love a silk button down blouse— don't we all.

Armani's cropped double-breasted blazer is as practically versatile as a Virgo, and this suiting jacket can be worn with black or gray pants, optimizing the purchase.

Equipment's slim fit blouse, much like the above Armani jacket, can be worn in and out of the office. We love this polka dot blouse because it's just enough of a statement to tie this whole workwear vibe together, without looking boring or gaudy.

Already noted is that you can wear basically any black or gray pant with this look, and keep your shoes modest. Virgos like to make the most out of their time, hence why this look is transitional and Cole Haan's pointed pumps are comfortable so you won't be slowed down.

Virgo Weekend Style

Favoring multi-functional clothing, Virgos love an easy lbd. Derek Lam's satin mini sheath dress is your go-to multi-tasking dress. Wear it how the model does (click image) with an oversize denim jacket and flat sandals or sneakers.

We wrote a piece on The Best Denim Jackets To Keep Forever and any of the jean jackets on our list are compatible with this little black dress.

Think of your shoes as the statement maker, and yes, your "statement makers" can be plain white sneakers! Black is also a safe bet, and when you have a good stylist (ahem us right now) no matter the color, your shoes can make an impact. Check out our article on The Best Sneakers For Everyone, and/or just choose a pair below to team with your lbd.

APL Athletic Propulsion Labs makes sleekest chicest sneakers, and we think you'll agree:

Virgo Handbags

Sticking to a minimal aesthetic, a Virgo's handbag will work in any situation. Smart, classy, and neutral toned is what a Virgo should gravitate towards— aka handbags and backpacks like these:

Resembling Pantone's color of the year: living coral, this Earth toned Mansur Gavriel tote is the perfect work companion:

This mini Botkier off-white leather backpack is small but mighty. Virgos love a good backpack. Pair it with either of the looks noted above.

Last but definitely not least is this Saint Laurent gray Cassandra shoulder bag. The devil is in the details and this bag is a knockout. Don't get it twisted, Virgos favor nice things and are often materialistic, but they work hard and live by the mottos "quality over quantity" and "buy less, buy smarter" so this YSL bag pays off in the long-run both literately and figuratively.

Sexy Virgo Style

Because you're not a boring person, when you envision sexy, you know that what you're looking for is going to be a subtle head-turner.

Here are some pieces that a Virgo would wear on a date-night, girl's night, whatever night . . .

Anything by Fleur du Mal is a good idea:

Versus Versace is also always a good idea:

Michelle Mason is another one of our personal mainstay favorite brands and this one shoulder mini dress is a prime example of a sophisticated yet sensual lbd:

These sexy dresses are garments that you will have in your closet forever, so don't think that you'll only get 1 wear out of them.

Heels For A Virgo

And because Fall is upon us, our new favorite 'trend' is the open-toe bootie. Not only for the warmer months, you can wear an open toe bootie with tights and make it look chic.

These are just a few booties that a Virgo could wear based on their zodiac sign:

Virgo Fashion

Are all your "what should Virgos wear" burning questions answered? A Virgo follows a pretty sensical fashion pattern, and literal patterns aren't really their jam, unless it's a classic plaid or something similar/understated.

Everything in your closet will serve a purpose and we bet it's neatly organized.

If you enjoyed this article, please check back daily to catch our Inside Scoop to see what's trending, how to wear it, and much more.