The Best Denim Jackets To Keep Forever

Perpetually going in and out of style, don't throw away your jean jacket just yet. Fortunately, fashion is having a "denim on denim" moment, meaning that you can pretty much wear your denim jacket with anything— Here's the proof.

The Best Darn Denim Jackets

It would be too easy to just lead with the basics. With extensive denim inventory on Shop It To Me, we're here to introduce you to the best of the best denim jackets, the crème de la crème, the icons. . .

A bit dramatic? Maybe.

Let us reintroduce you to the Trucker Jacket

The trucker jacket, aka the classic denim jacket, is exactly how you picture it, no matter what era you think in. To get an all around American denim look, check out these trucker denim jackets that conquer any generation.

We particularly love Levi's line of classic truckers, and if anyone knows how to make a jean jacket it's Levi's.  

The Oversized Effect

Hailey Bieber is a huge fan of this trend and she prefers to wear an oversized denim jacket over a regular one. Definitely a relaxed fit, this style is best worn off one shoulder, or in a patterned style paired with denim shorts.

Topshop makes a stylish oversized version available in a light blue light wash, a dark wash, and a white wash. We even suggest sizing up 1 size to get an overly exaggerated look like Hailey's.

If you're looking for a black denim jacket, Madewell makes this oversized denim trucker jacket that fits like a dream over a sweatshirt or chunky sweater. (click the image to see the fit on the model!)

Designer Denim

Hey, a girl can dream right? Or at least a girl can use the free price alert app Shop It To Me, to stalk her designer favorites. Sign-up for free, choose your favorites, and never miss a deal on women's clothing again.

Moussy Vintage is a Japanese brand specializing in super high-quality, rigid denim. The brand takes a minimal approach when it comes to its vivid 'homewood' denim jacket, and we picture this with a pair of wide leg pants and t-shirt underneath. Just add pointed pumps for a chic, unexpected casual look.

We also adore Gucci's cropped, lady, and NY denim looks, and with Shop It To Me we can catch them on sale.

Denim in Distress

Speaking of designer denim. . . a little Virgil Abloh anyone? Off-White's designer distressed denim jacket is super cute.

Okay, so you might want to sign-in to Shop It To Me to "heart" the Off-White jacket so that you can catch it on sale. If not, we won't judge you for going full-price, it's a total classic that you'll be able to pass down from generation to generation!

Check out these styles, all available on Shop It To Me, for some more affordable options:

Blue Jean Baby

Was it as bad as you were expecting? Or did we pleasantly surprise you with some rather timeless yet fashion-forward denim looks?

We're glad that the trucker jacket is making a return this Spring/Summer. Already, we're envisioning wearing ours over Maxi Dresses, t-shirts, and with plenty of other fashionable looks.

Even if a denim jacket isn't your normal go-to choice of clothing for a topper, it definitely brings texture to your outfit and serves its purpose.

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