What to Wear to the Airport and on a Plane

It used to be Juicy Couture tracksuits and now it's still a good idea to wear a tracksuit to the airport.

However, we've evolved from our favorite terry cloth sweats circa 2001, and currently, brands with a streetwear vibe are reigning supreme— pun intended.

We've travelled extensively, so we have a pretty good idea of what is and what's not comfortable to wear on an airplane. By all means, feel free to wear skinny jeans, a mini skirt, a sleeveless dress, or heels to the airport— but we can promise you that if the tiniest thing goes wrong and you're not able to adjust to the climate/experience, it's not going to be pretty.

Based on our expert experiences in delayed flights, cancelled flights, last minute gate changes, and all that spontaneous fun stuff that happens at the airport, we've put together this list of things to wear to the airport a.k.a a list of things to wear on a plane that won't make you want to cry like a baby.

DO wear sweatpants

And, because we can't all get away with wearing a mini dress and a diaper to the airport, wearing sweats or a tracksuit seems more socially appropriate.

Skip jeans or anything that runs tight— while up in the air you're going to feel bloated in places you never thought possible.

DO wear comfortable shoes

We never understood how women can wear 5" stilettos to the airport at 8AM like it's no big deal. You know, a casual stroll down the catwalk in terminal C. For us non-aliens, we prefer to wear something a little more walkable to the airport.

Also, if you aren't lucky enough to have TSA Pre-Check, then you'll need to remove your shoes for security. With that in mind, wear something that easily slips on and off.

We personally prefer to wear Golden Goose sneakers because they are extremely comfortable, and we also live for a good UGG in the Winter. (read all about UGG's animal welfare policies)

Never wear open-toed sandals or socks with sandals, both are super cringy at the airport.

pro tip: wear loose fitting socks because feet tend to swell in cabin

DO rock a sports bra

It doesn't matter what type of top you're wearing, a full coverage sports bra (preferably with padding or lining to cover any chilly nips) will be your saving grace on the plane.

Comfortable for all the unnecessary but undoubtedly likely to happen twisting and turning in one's seat, you better wear a bra that's extremely comfortable.

Read all about The Best Workout Clothing Brands for women, to get some sporty inspiration.

DO add a scarf

99.9% of the time it's below freezing in cabin on an airplane, and the other .1% of the time there's a problem with the air conditioning and it's sweltering hot. That's why it's always a great idea to layer.

Bring a huge warm cashmere or wool scarf to the airport. Better than any blanket the airline has to offer you, a scarf serves two purposes: 1 of comfort and 1 of style.

DO wear a mini purse

It's really annoying (and heavy) to rock a larger than life tote bag anywhere, but at the airport everything seems 10x worse. Definitely make sure that your mini bag has a shoulder strap so you can wear it crossbody style. We've lost track of how many times we've had to frantically run back to wherever the heck we were to locate said purse.

Btw, ever heard of a WOC? Wallet On a Chain. These types of bags are ideal for the airport, fitting just the essentials ever so neatly. Never lose your passport or boarding pass again.

A quick bonus round of what NOT to wear to the airport, in case anyone had any questions or concerns:

  • Don't wear jewelry, unless it's your fine jewelry that you're used to wearing 24/7. Leave your hoops at home (or in your luggage)
  • Dresses, because besides the possibility of an additional pat-down, your legs will definitely be frozen the entire flight
  • A belt (duh)
  • Any articles of clothing that are overly embellished— you're likely to set off the metal detector and have to go through a very annoying process of elimination
  • Don't wear anything white (unless you don't care if it gets dirty). We've had a drink spilled on or near us 1 too many times
  • If it's irreplaceable, delicate, or extremely valuable to you, it's probably best to leave it at home safe and sound
  • Last but definitely not least, don't wear a full face of makeup to the airport. It will get caky and it will feel dry (go with a tinted moisturizer instead)!

What to wear when you're traveling

As far as we're concerned, airplane dressing is a form of airplane etiquette. If you're lugging everything but the kitchen sink with you, and you look sloppy as heck, you're not going to be happy and neither is anyone that encounters you. (the truth may hurt but it's tough love)

The airport is stressful enough by itself, so it will really help if your outfit is practical, comfortable, and of course something you wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in. No one wears their pajamas to the airport anymore.

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