The Shell Trend You're Seeing Everywhere

Yes, shell as in seashell.

The last time we wore a piece of jewelry with shells in it was probably in the eighth grade, so yeah, we too were apprehensive at first. But when we started to see this trend emerging on our favorite blog sites, we started to take it seriously.

Wanting to view this shell trend with as much respect as any other trend, we've compiled our favorites and the outcome is rather unexpected— in the best way possible.

If each shell really has a story, we've got a lot of listening to do . . .

Most of the articles we've skimmed only focus on shell jewelry, and not the shell trend as a whole. So here it is, our guide on the chicest seashell fashion, all available on Shop It To Me.

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Seashell Jewelry

Because you probably came here looking for shell jewelry, we're going to give it to you first, then focus on the other stuff.

We're currently ogling over Isabel Marant's shell jewelry lineup:

Isabel Marant gives us Luxury Bohemian Vibes, and because of Shop It To Me, we found most of her stuff on sale.

Besides Isabel Marant's stunning shells, we also want these seashell pieces for ourselves:

The always affordable brand, H&M. We love how simple yet perfect this seashell necklace is. It also looks about 5x more expensive than it actually is.

Chan Luu is also nailing the shell concept. Who would have thought a shell body chain could look this sophisticated? And, Luu's cowrie shell anklet could not be more spot on. We like to wear our shell ankle bracelets with either flat sandals or block heeled sandals. Although, we're not opposed to wearing this simple anklet with lace-up stiletto heels, we've seen it done well.

Fashion jewelry designer Rosantica thinks outside of the box with its 'Beatrix' headband and collar shell necklace, and we can't stop admiring them. It's all about taste level, and our expectations were exceeded. These will look stylish way past their years.

Our last favorite designer, but not least favorite, tapping into this shell jewelry trend is high-fashion brand Etro. Etro's shell and faux pearl seashell pieces are real showstoppers, and they are accented with a single clear crystal, giving them a hint of sparkle. We love this set worn together for maximum impact.

Okay, enough of the shell jewelry. Let's check out what's going on with the seashell motif in terms of all other fashion . . .

Seashell jewelry makes the most sense so we featured it first. Now, we're looking into what else this beachy trend has to offer that's less expected.

We're drooling over this sale priced Rosie Assoulin shell-embellished blouse. The cuffs are detachable (probably for cleaning purposes) because we would never detach these works of art. The image is blurry but click on the item to see how sensational it looks on the model!

Jill Stuart makes a casual shell t-shirt that's playful yet chic. It also comes in black.

And we would definitely take this trend further and ADD shell-embellished flats to these shell tees. Right now our favorites are by brands Mystique and Ancient Greek Sandals. Do you agree?

Sam Edelman also makes a beautiful pair for only $90.

We also came across this Zimmermann bikini which has shell accents on its ties, and we'd rock it with The Sak's crochet shell-embellished crossbody. Envision a mental picture of this look because it's GOOD.

And then finally we had to incorporate these shell looks into this article because they are shopworthy, too:

If you're one to spend $700 on your shoes, then you should have NO problem spending the dough on the above Altuzarra dangled-shell belt, Alexander McQueen's shell print scarf, or One of the Best Bikini Brands of All Time, Adriana Degreas's conchiglie shell one-piece.

Go for the Chicest Seashell Looks

We always believe in quality over quantity, and the notion of buying less and buying smarter. Go all in on the trends, but make sure that they are sophisticated enough to last forever, even when the trend fades. It's all about fit, taste level, and quality— which we always aim to give you via our careful curations.

If you stick with us, you'll always come out on top. Check in with us here via our Inside Scoop to stay up-t0-date with the newest styles. We post daily so keep coming back!