What to Wear for A First Date

Dressing for a first date can cause anxiety and nerves that just add to the apprehension of the date itself. But it doesn’t need to be like this!! Deciding what to wear for a date with someone for the first time should be just as easy as getting dressed for drinks with the girls or an important meeting at work. You should make an effort and feel great, but also look yourself and feel comfortable.

If you’ve got a first date on the horizon and you’re wondering which pieces to put together or you’re planning on treating yourself to something new, we’ve created a little first date guide just for you.

Here, we’re looking at several common first date occasions and putting together chic, trendy yet not too OTT looks that will have you feeling amazing and, most importantly, ultra-confident.

We’ve also included a couple of first date style mistakes to avoid at the end!!

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First dates can cover a lot of ground. You might just be meeting up for a drink in a bar or maybe you’re heading for a classic formal dinner date. Maybe it’s a simple coffee date or perhaps you’ve agreed to do something a little more active and athletic. Whatever you’re planning, we’ve hopefully got it covered here.

If you’ve got a more unusual date on the horizon, drop us a comment and test us for an outfit idea!!

Drinks Date Outfit

Drinks dates can be great for a first date. If you find just the right bar, you have plenty of time to chat and get to know each other, but just in case the spark isn’t there, you don’t have to sit through a whole dinner together. It’s much easier to have a drink or two and politely make your excuses!

Depending on where you go, your drinks date outfit will be different, but for the most part, this look falls somewhere between smart and casual. The type of look you’d wear for drinks with the girls but maybe with a little more oomph!

Jeans are totally a good call for drinks dates. Here, why not add a little extra sex appeal and go for coated jeans for a leather-look effect, giving you a slightly dressier vibe to regular blue denim jeans.

Team your coated jeans with either sexy heels or even heeled ankle boots and either a silky button-down shirt or a simple camisole, finishing the look with either a leather or denim jacket. Easy.

Dinner Date Outfit

It obviously depends hugely on where you are headed for your dinner date but for the sake of this blog, we’re going to assume it’s kind of fancy. In which case your look is going to want to be slightly fancier than your drinks date but nothing that screams evening dress or ball gown material. We don’t want to scare your date!!

We think a first dinner date is what the LBD was made for. If you don’t know, LBD is a little black dress and it’s pretty widely known that when you find the right one for you, you just can’t go wrong.

Here are a few options that would work perfectly for that chic first dinner date look.

When you’ve found an LBD that works for your shape (and if you’re not sure what works for your shape, check out our body shape series of blogs!!), all you need are the right accessories. You can choose a statement piece to add color or keep it simple with delicate metallic jewelry and a clutch for the ultimate effortless style. If you’re comfortable, opt for some high heels but never choose shoes that you’re going to hate walking in – it will only add to your anxiety as you walk in!! If you feel better, opt for low heels and go for chic mules or points.

If you’re feeling a little too dressy, just throw over a leather jacket and it instantly gives the look a casual but cool edge.

Active Date Outfit

Some people just hate the norm and prefer to get out and about when they’re first getting to know someone. Maybe you like to go on an active dog walk or hike or maybe you’re into something more adventurous like rock climbing. Whatever you’ve got on the agenda, you’ll some need something sporty but chic to wear on the date to make you feel on top of the world.

If you’re headed on an active date, a super cute activewear co-ord set is a perfect choice. Leggings keep you sporty yet a little sexy and a matching top or crop makes your look put-together but not try-hard. Add a cute cropped hoody in case you want some extra coverage.

Coffee Date Outfit

Sometimes dinner and drinks dates can feel a little too formal. If you didn’t fancy the pressure of a night time date and suggested something a little more relaxed during the day, chances are, you’re planning to meet up for a coffee date. In this case, you still want to feel like you’ve made an effort but you’re going to want to look and feel laid-back too so your outfit sits well in any coffee shop setting. This look would also be perfect for a lunch date.

Instead of opting for your go-to jeans, why not make your coffee date outfit a little more feminine and opt for one of this season’s biggest trends, the midi skirt. So easy to dress up or down this is a versatile piece that you can style to suit your date. Wear it with loafers or even sneakers to make sure the look is definitely day time and pair with a cropped sweater or cardigan to finish the look.

If you want to wear jeans, that’s totally ok. Opt for your favorite pair and then add a graphic t-shirt and smarten up with a chic blazer over the top. Wear flat mules or sandals depending on the weather and maybe avoid jeans and sneakers so you don’t look and feel too casual.

First Date Style Mistakes to Avoid

So, now you’ve had a few ideas from us on what to wear as a date night outfit to make a great first impression, let’s touch on a few mistakes to avoid! Have you ever had an outfit idea that seems like such a good idea until you see a picture of it later and realize it was so not you? You really want to make sure that doesn’t happen on a first date because you need to feel as great and confident as you possibly can!

Let’s take a look at a few style mistakes to avoid for that all-important first date outfit.

Choosing Something That Is So Not You

Sometimes if you meet someone you’re super excited about, it can be tempting to head out and buy a whole new outfit for the occasion.  While there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, try not to get carried away with anything that isn’t your authentic style in order to please anyone else. You’ll feel most happy, comfortable and confident in something that naturally suits you and your personal style.

Showing Too Much

We’re not trying to be prudish and yes, you should definitely wear whatever you love and whatever makes you feel great. However, if you want to catch your date’s attention for the things you’re saying rather than the amount of skin you have on show, this might be the best way to go.

A plunging low-cut neckline can be effortlessly chic and a shorter shirt or dress can be elegant. The way to nail showing some skin is to create balance within your look which means not showing off everything all at once.

Not Knowing Where You’re Going

Although a secret or last-minute date can be super cute for date night, you kind of need to know a few key details about where you’re going to get your date outfit ideas just right. If you’re heading to a swanky bar, you probably don’t want to turn up in leggings and a t-shirt and if you’re going on a dog walk, you’d most likely prefer not to be wearing your favorite tan suede boots or a maxi dress. So, although you don’t need all the details, a few hints would be a treat so remember to ask!

Something Uncomfortable

This might just be the most important mistake to avoid altogether. Wearing something that irritates you all evening or causes you to constantly mess with your outfit will only distract you from the date itself and could quite possibly distract your date too. So, leave the annoying strapless bra that you hate at home and ditch the skinny jeans that dig into your waist and make you want to undo the top button. Date style needs to be chic, but it needs to be super comfortable too so that you’re feeling as relaxed as possible.

Whether you’re a dating expert or this is the second date you’ve ever been on, our style advice should hopefully work for everyone no matter where you’re going. Find a look that shows your personal style and that makes you feel comfortable and at ease and remember above everything else, don’t worry so much about what you’re wearing! Get thinking about your conversation starters and whatever you end up wearing, you’ll look fantastic!

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