Fall Fashion Must Haves For 2019

This is exactly what you think it is: A list of our top 5 fashion must-haves for Fall.

But what you didn't expect (or maybe you did because you know we're that dope) is the fashion realness we're about to unload.

Suede over-the-knee boots, skinny jeans, sweaters— those are cute and all, but they are about as basic as the psl your favorite instagram influencers are downing. You can get that delicious content somewhere else (not gna lie we love psl's), because we are about to shock you with our Fall favorites that don't include sugar, spice, and everything nice.

Snake Embossed Boots

Paris Texas, an Italian shoe brand, made snakeskin embossed boots a THING this Fall. Everyone is wearing them and still somehow they are mysterious enough; and they are able to be worn without looking over-influenced.

The above "mini" version, a greyscale snake embossed bootie (as opposed to their higher rise styles), is a look we'd love to pair with a mini skirt or a mini dress. This fashion-forward brand makes many variations of its now famous snakeskin boots, so make sure to view and shop them all on Shop It To Me.

Shop It To Me is a designer sale site that we always source our items from. It's free to join and free to use so give it a try. It's a sale-alert, price-tracking, personal-shopping powerhouse of an App (and website, because we love to browse for deals on our desktops, too).

Faux Fur Jackets That Don't Scream Murder

Because we love our pets and couldn't image wearing them, faux fur is an option to consider. While it's still kind of weird to wear the fake version, we're picking options that don't look like you just scraped the skin off the poor animal's back.

2019's faux fur jackets look like 3.1 Phillip Lim's to us:

This sporty-chic faux shearling cropped teddy bomber jacket is just the refresher we needed from the overbearing weight of the alternatives. Wear this black and white bomber with a turtleneck to stay extra warm or throw it over a tee shirt— your call.

We also suggest pairing the above jacket with black skinny jeans, or a pair of 100% cotton rigid denim, and then add some sleek booties or sneakers.

Double Breasted Blazers

Yes, you have a ton of blazers in your closet but how dope are they really? Do they excite you? It doesn't matter whether your answer is a yes or a no, 2019's double breasted blazers do not disappoint, and there's always room for one more blazer in our closet.

The double breasted aspect actually makes it cool to button your blazer, and it gives your waist a snatched effect.

So you've heard of Balmain, but have you heard of Veronica Beard? This designer gives you the style and quality that you deserve in your closet. We're wearing the below Veronica Beard blazer with faux leather leggings and a baby tee, a mini skirt and a turtleneck, or over a lbd.

Blazers like this are multifunctional and closet staples that are timeless.

Polished Plaids

Plaid is young, fun, and always reinventing itself. (ie see the chic pink plaid double-breasted blazer above). Keeping the cuts fresh, the patterns sharp, and the colors current helps to keep things fashion-forward and not heading back in time via an ugly portal type of way.

Sandro's plaid tweed shorts are a prime example of what we're talking about. These plaid shorts can be worn with or sans stockings, with flats or heels, and with a silk blouse or a sheer turtleneck. You can get many looks out of this one pair of tweed shorts— and they look cool as hell.

Dark Florals

Moody, goth, and dark are how we want our Fall florals. Tired of the cutesy theme for a bit (Summer's over) we're into dark colors, dark lace, and silhouettes that are far from fro-fro.

Anna Sui always does dark florals particularly well, and the above dress is exactly what we want to see ourselves in this Fall. We're pulling our hair back into a tight pony, or leaving it stick straight and pushed behind our shoulders, adding a pair of black combat boots or black ballerina flats, adding a dark lip, and then calling it a damn good fashion day.

Must Have Fashion for the Fall Season

Fall 2019 is a moment that we want to OWN.

This year has been all about body inclusivity, original and authentic style statements, and putting your personal uniqueness on display— AND WE'RE OBSESSED WITH THESE NOTIONS.

No more fitting into boxes, no more rules, and no more feeling awkward.

Be wild, be free, be YOU and take our fashion tips with a grain of salt and some tequila, and then adjust them to fit your unique style. Fashion cocktails are always fun.