Why A Graphic T-Shirt Is A Style Must Have

We bet you’ve never given much of your attention to the t-shirt. It’s a solid basic in most people’s wardrobes and if you think about it, you probably have more than one in white, several in black, maybe grey? A couple of pops of color too? Hmm actually, maybe more than a couple of colors, right?

So, is the t-shirt more than just a basic? Is it an essential?

We think so.

And today, we’re looking at a specific kind of t-shirt that has gone from basic to essential to ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE, this season. And that is the graphic tee.

What Is a Graphic T-Shirt?

In case you’re unfamiliar with the phrase graphic t-shirt or graphic tee (but we bet you’re not!), let’s be clear on what we’re talking about here. A graphic t-shirt simply means a tee of any kind with a printed graphic of some sort on it. This might mean a retro band tee or a simple slogan with just one word.

These days, graphic tee means a printed t-shirt. And we’re wearing them with everything.

Why Is a Graphic Tee SO Important?

Ok, so there are a few reasons why we’re harping on so much about graphic tees today.

Here are just a couple.

You can wear it with SO MUCH stuff - that makes it one of today’s most versatile pieces. Continue reading below to find out how to wear and style yours for every occasion.

They’re flattering and work for EVERY size and shape figure.

Graphic tees are effortlessly on-trend and SO comfy!

There are so many options right now that you can find the perfect graphic tee to actually express yourself. Less isn’t more here. However much you want is best.

How to Style a Graphic T-Shirt

Ok – So, we’ve let you know why we think a graphic tee is a style must-have this season and beyond. But now, let’s take a look at some actual tees and all the different ways you can style them, making them one of the most versatile pieces you’ll buy this year.

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Now, let’s get back to business!

Now, we’re not going to tell you to style a graphic t-shirt with jeans. I mean, you know you can do that. And it would look great by the way. No, today, we’ll mix it up a bit.

Style It With Tailoring

One of our absolute favorite looks right now is t-shirts and tailoring so this had to come first. You might be thinking that it’s two different outfits and they couldn’t possibly fit together but they really can! And it looks so good.

Pairing a classic graphic tee with a blazer and coordinating trousers instantly makes any trouser suit look on-trend and contemporary.

Not only does it mean you can finally wear a t-shirt to work (hurrah!!) but also, you can get use out of suits and wear them more often because suddenly you can add sneakers and wear them on the weekend without feeling too office-ready.

Bold suits take this look so well but really, any suit works – just give it a go!

Dress It Up with A Midi Skirt

Midi skirts were once banished to frumpy outfits for the office and awful badly tailored two-piece skirt suits. Thankfully, that is long behind us in the fashion world.

Now, midi skirts are sexy, sultry and totally wearable for so many occasions and so many looks.

One of those looks is the partnering of the midi with the graphic tee. It’s the perfect way to dress up your t-shirt a little or dress down a midi skirt that could otherwise be a little too dressy for lunch/work/hanging around the house (!?).

Learn to Layer

One of our favorite trends this season is satin slip dresses. We’ve spoken about them before because they consistently pop up. But the thing is, they pop up a lot because they just look so good.

Satin slip dresses look just as good on straight up and down girls as they do on voluptuous curves so don’t think this look isn’t for you.

Now, the satin slip dress trend is pretty sexy, right? It’s very lingerie on the outside vibes. But coordinating with a graphic tee is now the perfect way to rock both trends at once and helps you to cover up a little more when wearing your slip.

You can style a graphic tee with a slip dress (don’t worry if your graphic shows a little, that’s all in the look) with anything from stilettos for girl’s night out to chunky sneakers or combat boots. That’s the joy of the look – it’s so damn versatile!

Go for Half Casual – Half Business

This season, we’re obsessed with the contradicting trends going on.

Utility pants are being paired with strappy heeled sandals. T-shirts are teaming up with tailoring (as we mentioned) and dad sneakers are being worn with the girliest of looks. This combo fits somewhere in between all of these things.

Team your graphic tee with a simple, slightly distressed denim skirt and then just when you’re feeling a little too scruffy, add a sharp blazer to complete the look. If you’re not sure about the sound of it, try it, we dare you!

Opt for Oversized and Wear It Solo

Don’t feel like styling it up with anything? That’s fine too! Make sure you’ve ordered an oversized fit or just grab your favorite tee in a particularly huge size compared to your normal size and just add shoes. You could do sneakers or even heels here but our favorite partner for this look has to be this season’s combat boots. And we’d go for classic DMs.

Craving a couple of graphic tees for yourself now? We hope we’ve inspired you to style it up in a different way this season! Need a little more inspiration on the perfect tee for you? No problem just hit up Shop It To Me, we have LOADS to show you!