How to Style This Fall’s Biggest Fashion Trends

There is really no denying that we’re spiraling faster than ever into the fall season as we appreciate the last of the summer weather and get ready for the leaves to turn brown (if you’re lucky enough to live around leaves!). So, although we already gave you a sneak peek at some of the fall trends earlier on in July, now it’s about time to properly dive in a take a look at the biggest fashion trends on the approach to fall and winter.

We’ll take a quick recap at the trends we covered last time so if you didn’t catch it then, don’t worry. We’ll then let you in on what you can expect to see flooding the stores as we head into fall and some pieces that are bang on trend that you can find already with a little help from Shop It To Me.

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But now, back to the biggest trends for fall.

Ok, let’s first just quickly recap the trends we looked at back in July that are definitely going to be big for fall…

Feather Details

From Marc Jacobs to Saint Laurent, feathers stood out on the runways for fall a mile away. These are not ordinary feather details, however. This season, feathers were luxuriously included as chic details on the hemlines of cocktail dresses and embroidered into luxe fabrics as part of a beautifully crafted applique.

This season, wear the feathers, don’t let the feathers wear you.

Here are a few pieces that we’ve spotted on Shop It To Me to nail the look.

More for inspo than anything else because of the $$$ price tag, but how good is this unreal wrap dress from Attico. The color combo is perfection!!

OTT Shoulders

We were obsessed when we first realized that over the top, statement shoulders were back and now we’re seeing how the brands are realizing the trend, we love it even more. From ruching to ruffles, there’s nothing subtle about this trend so if you’re going to do it, just go for it. It’s best done with little dresses or even the perfect “nice top and jeans” combo for a luxe finish to an otherwise simple outfit.

Some of the pieces from our last fall trends blog are still available but here are a few more little droplets of inspiration for you.


Yellow was no joke for this season. And there were definitely some fashionistas who wanted to deny that this color palette was going to hit. But hit it did and it’s amazing. I mean, what a way to make a statement!? So, if you fancy getting into the fall spirit in a big way, opt for head to toe bright yellow and get over the top with shoes and accessories to match. Because fashun and also, why not!?

Here are a few picks to inspire you to dare to go bold with color this season.

Colorful Heels

Colorful heels might not seem like much of a trend but it’s all about how to style them this fall. From highlighter yellow to neon pink, to really get into this fall trend, you need to be styling your bright colored heels with casual and even simple outfits to let the shoes shine in all their glory. This doesn’t just mean an all-black outfit, however. Neutrals work. Simple grey or navy tailoring is divine or even just denim.

However you wear them, choose a classic shape that you’ll wear season after season.

Rose Prints

The thing about season changes is, someone always reports that there is a big print on the horizon. We’ve had a lot of animal print this year and although reports are showing that we’ll see a lot more snake print as we head into the fall and winter season, we were looking to let you know about a print that’s a little less predictable.

Thanks to Valentino and Prada amongst many more, that print trend happens to be ultra-gothic and effortlessly romantic deep and dark rose prints. Wow, right?

Check out these pieces that we are just obsessed with for this fall trend. Basically it's all about Dolce.

Now we’ve recapped some of the trends we knew were going to be big even back in July, here are some of our favorites that we predict could be even bigger this fall and winter.

Pistachio Green

If you’re not into yellow but you fancy investing in a color this season, there’s no bigger color trend than pistachio green and you might like it more than you ever realized you would once you give this luxurious hue a go for yourself.

This soft green that is not quite mint and not quite khaki is a soft, subtle and interesting palette that instantly creates a feeling of luxury and premium quality. Whether you’re talking a shiny satin midi skirt or a chunky piece of knitwear, layer this color up from head to toe and you’ve got one of the biggest trends of the season nailed.

Complete the look with this super-chic bag from Kate Spade that gives you options on how pistachio you're feeling on the day!

Classic Tailoring

We’ve been seeing lots of bright and statement power tailoring and suiting in the fashion world for the past few seasons and that’s great, we love that. But this season, suiting has taken a slightly more sensible turn and to be honest, we’re not too mad about it.

It’s sophisticated, modest and elevated all at once and with palettes of navy’s and greys, it’s an easy trend to trial in the office and switch up with stilettos and a lace bralette for dinner with the girls.

Keep the look contemporary by opting for longline blazers, cigarette or wide-leg pants and a touch of edginess when it comes to accessories (we’re loving the chunky gold chain necklaces layered under the tailoring look!!!)

Knitwear Gone Wild

Knitwear for fall? How on earth did we come up with that one!? But bear with us. This time, knitwear’s taken a trip to the wild side. This season, fall knitwear is all about crazy cuts, unique layering, and just plain weird silhouettes. If you think it looks a bit off the wall, you’ve probably nailed the look.

Style it with statement crystal earrings and bracelets and super chic pointed pumps heels just to be sure that your office doesn’t think you’ve lost the plot (but also, we cares if they do!?).

As always, Alexander Wang nails the looks with simple yet OTT wrapping and layering within his knitted pieces.

Gothic Romance

We mentioned our love of the gothic rose print trend earlier in the blog and that’s not all that’s gotten a gothic makeover for the fall season. Grunge and gothic vibes were all over the runway in true ‘90s style for designers, such as McQueen and it includes lace fabrics, luxe layers of tulle and ruffles and even some fishnet stocking details to complete the look.

Take a walk on the gothic side next season with any of these lace-trimmed pieces, perfect to layer with fishnets, leather accents or trousers or even simple black denim and your go-to leather biker jacket.

Totally on-trend and super sexy PJs for bedtime? Erm, yes please. Thanks very much Cosabella. Always coming through with the best details.

Mirrored Metallic

We don’t actually mean literally mirrored but silver metallic with some serious shine is big on the agenda for winter this year so why not start getting in on the trend right now.

From lamé to high-shine plissé fabric, opt for dark graphite silvers rather than glittery and bright silvers and choose pieces with some serious attitude.

Or warm it up with some gold!

Loving the sound of some of these new trends? Yes, us too. If you fancy dipping your toe into a whole new look for next season or even just topping up your closet with a few key pieces, let Shop It To Me make it easier for you and you know what? You might even save a few $$$ with pieces already discounted to up to 70% in all the biggest retailers.

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