Best Cozy Socks For Home

Taking a cue from Instagram influencers who are currently posting tons of cozy sock content, we've decided to embark on our own sock journey.

In an effort to cozy up our feet, and to bring a little cheer to our otherwise bleak sock drawers, Shop It To Me has compiled the ultimate comfy sock buying guide.

Whether you're a plain-jane right down to your socks, or if you prefer to rock out with your socks out, we've got you covered— literally and figuratively.

There's Something In The Air

It's definitely the season to indulge in warm and cozy things, so why are we not prioritizing our feet?

If we're being honest— our sock drawers look pathetically depressed. Half of them are missing, and the other half have annoying holes in the heels. We probably have about three "good pairs" and that's being generous.

So when celebs, influencers, and fashionistas are like "OMG! cute cozy socks for the Winter months" we're having a little bit of fomo.

But the fomo is only going to last for so long. Using top fashion app Shop It To Me, we were able to source these ridiculously cozy socks for the home and we know our feet are going to thank us.

Let's hop right into things!

Tis the Season of Giving and we are Blessing You with our Comfy Sock finds

Caution, you're about to view some super cute, warm, fuzzy, and stylish content:

Cozy Chenille Socks

Chenille is in one word: soft. The below socks feel like a treat on your feet and they aren't too crazy looking.

Cream colored chenille socks are so elegant and perfect to wear around the house.

Can't decide between colors? Get a pack. Besides black and white, these socks also come in other colors— as do most of the socks you'll see on our cozy socks to wear at home list.

(so make sure to click the pic and hit go to site to see even more options)

Cozy Ribbed Socks

A ribbed sock is a classic must-have and we found the cutest ones possible.

A cute tomboy-esque ribbed sock. Very varsity chic.

These bubblegum pink ribbed socks are ultra girly and feminine.

Dr. Marten is a classic brand and these ribbed socks are both cozy and high-quality.

Cozy Fleece Lined Socks

If you feel you need to turn up the dial on your sock game— peep the below insanely warm and comfy socks.

Ahhhh, the super cozy fleece-lined slipper sock in a fantastically neutral shade.

UGG is notorious for producing comfy socks to wear around the house and these cable knit fleece-lined socks are too cute with the little bow at the top back.

Adorable and festive for the holidays, these fleece-lined socks feature little decorative pompoms in the front.

Cozy High Socks

Sometimes it's not all about your feet. An over-the-knee or knee-high sock is an underrated treasure that should not be ignored.

Again, UGG nails it with these over-the-knee oatmeal heather colored socks.

The Smartwool brand is known for regulating your foots temperature, so with these knee-high marled merino wool socks you're never going to feel too hot or too cold.

You can be sure that a brand named Barefoot Dreams is going to be comfy, and when said brand titles their long socks "CozyChic" you know your feet are going to feel pampered.

Cozy Cashmere Socks

Obviously a more expensive sock, cashmere socks are very much worth it in the Winter months.

Looking for a sophisticated pattern? Look no further than these refined cashmere socks.

Cashmere can get toasty, so opt for ankle length cashmere socks to not overheat.

Show your personality off in these black and grey leopard cashmere socks.

Comfy Crazy Socks

If you're the rock out with your socks out kind of person, you will definitely appreciate these crazy comfy socks!

These crazy socks don't really need any explaining . . .

Comfy Sock Game Strong

Now that you've browsed plenty of comfy socks for home options, you can decide which pairs are best for your feet.

Socks are always a good idea, especially when giving gifts, so remember to include a cute pair of socks with your next birthday gift, etc you're gifting. It's a cute and personal touch, especially if you get the receiver a sock that really reflects their personality. Crazy cat lady socks anyone?

Make sure to sign-up for the personal shopping app Shop It To Me, so that you can keep track of your favorites and track when they go on sale.

!Happy Holidays!