Best Gifts for Under $50

Need Last-Minute Stocking Filler Gifts?

If you’re still shopping for a few last-minute gifts this holiday season, don’t panic!! There are still plenty of ideas out there to make sure you find just the right gift for everyone on your shopping list. But you need to move fast!!

With only a few days to go, have a scroll through this under $50 gift guide for the best stocking fillers and inexpensive gift ideas for everyone in the family. We’ve tried to cover a lot of ground with options for all styles so thank us later and get shopping!!

Happy Holidays!

Stocking Filler Gifts Under $50


Who said jewelry has to cost $$$$!? With this list, you’ll find you can gift the most amazing and stunning jewelry to your special someone without breaking the bank. From rings to stunning diamond-inspired necklaces and earrings, these are just some of our fave picks – perfect for a last-minute gift this festive season.

We love this glass trinket box to store jewelry in as a little gift too!


Doesn’t everyone love a great pair of PJs!? Whether they’re slinky and soft, sultry or furry and cozy for cold winter nights, a pair of PJs can work for your wife, bestie or mum. We’ve included a whole host of options for all styles so there should be something for everyone!

A onsie is essential over the holidays, right?


If you’re not sure about choosing PJs for someone, then slippers are always a great choice. Cozy and snug, a great pair of slippers will always go down well.

Winter Accessories

You can never go wrong with some winter accessories for the festive season. From Grandma to your niece, a hat and scarf or even a complete set is always a great gift.

Bags & Leather Accessories

Ok, so you won’t be gifting a designer bag for under $50. (Even the Shop It To Me sales can’t serve you that!!) But that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t find something perfect for your loved one this holiday! Any of these accessories are sure to do the trick.

Tech Accessories

Alongside our small leather accessories range, we’ve got a few tech accessory gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on your loved one’s face too. And let’s be honest, everyone’s got a phone now, so everyone on your gift list will have use for any of these!


Sound too simple? We ALL enjoy a super comfortable and cozy pair of socks. So, why fight it? Socks are a great extra gift idea, stocking filler or if you just need something to put with a another gift you already have.

Can’t help but include these for the fast food lovers out there!

Beauty Sets

A beauty gift set might the perfect extra gift you need. Whether you have a fragrance lover or a makeup fan, one of these sets for under $50 gives you a super chic but also useful gift idea.

Don’t worry, last minute holiday shopping still counts this time of year – and they will never know!! Discover so many last-minute gift ideas with Shop It To Me with plenty of retailers that are still offering delivery in time for the holidays.

And most importantly, from the team at Shop It To Me, Happy Holidays and have a fantastic and safe time this festive season.

Lots of Love!