Celebrity Stay At Home Outfits

During this 'global pandemic', we've found comfort and fascination in studying our favorite celebs' stay at home styles.

In the early aughts you would need to tune into vh1's The Fabulous Life Of... to get intimate sneak peeks into celebrities bedrooms, their glamorous closets, and sometimes you would even catch a glimpse of their toilet if you were lucky.

Now, all thanks to Instagram, you can see supermodel Rosie HW posting weekly mirror selfies in her bathroom, take an up close and personal look into Gwyneth Paltrow's extremely organized medicine cabinet along with her multiple sheet mask posts, and who can forget a-list actress Anne Hathaway wearing nothing but a pillow, white headphones, and a pair of black combat booties, ohh we could go ON but we won't.

So basically celebs are letting it all hang out these days, but honestly we're not complaining. We embrace their pedestrian-ness and can now view them as actual people, rather than unattainable beings.

That said, Shop It To Me, 2020's best shopping app, is here to dig through a literal never ending Instagram feed and bring you the best celebrity stay at home outfits that you can mimic yourself. And of course these will be a lot more fashionable than Gwyneth's pills.

You're welcome!

Here are Shop It To Me's Most Interesting Celebrity Quarantine Looks

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo aka one of the best dressed people on the planet, knows how to make the most of her quarantine style. All dolled up in her cozy heather gray sweats and fresh white Nike's, J.Lo makes a statement with the word "empathy" embroidered across her chest. We're also fans of her sleek emerald green sunglasses.

So you want to cop J.Lo's quarantine vibes? Try on some of these styles:

Dua Lipa

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workshopping inside outside outfits

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Dua Lipa, the Albanian pop princess America has come to adore, shows off her comfy stay at home style donning a pair of loose fitted sweat shorts, a matching-ish teeny cardigan, a pink silk designer scarf atop her pink hair, a red beaded purse, and she tops off her ensemble with nothing other than 3 strings of candy necklaces. Damn we wish we were this cool. Wait .... we/you ARE this cool.

Get Dua Lipa's stay at home style with these cool picks:

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello is so relatable and that's definitely part of her charm. Here is the Latin singer lounging at home in a loose two-tone jumpsuit with matching guitar in tow. Her easy-breezy and effortless style is an essential quarantine vibe and here are some jumpsuits to mimic her stay at home outfit:


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my forehead and i...livin our best lives

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Everyone's favorite bad gal, Rihanna, doesn't follow the trends— she sets them. This bicolor monochromatic look is one of our personal favorites. It's so bold and in your face, it's comfortable but ballsy. We want everything included in Rihanna's quarantine look from her perfectly braided hairstyle, to her sunglasses, to her lip gloss (we're sure it's Fenty), to her necklace, and of course we're into her clutch and sneakers, we want to cop it ALL.

Here are some Rihanna inspired stay at home pieces:

Sarah Jessica Parker

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Weekend. The whole day ahead. Anything can happen. X, SJ @fendi#partner

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Sarah Jessica Parker aka SJP aka Carrie (you know that famous SATC character) always slays whatever is thrown her way. Somehow, even off the big screen, she's still got it and she still continues to wow us with her fashion sense, years after her Sex & The City role. That said, it comes as no surprise that SJP would be seen carrying a Fendi bag during quarantine. Ohh yeah, Sarah Jessica Parker also has an eponymous shoe line titled SJP.

Find SJP's style within these lovely Fendi handbags:

Celebrity Stay At Home Style Simplified

You don't have to go all to the wall when trying to copy your favorite celeb stay at home style. That would be a little weird. But, you can find and take inspiration from each outfit and make it your own.

Use Shop It To Me, your online personal shopper, and find what speaks to you (with our help).

& in our humble opinions, now is the very best time to shop, because there are major crazy sales happening and we're helping the economy, right?

If we can help to save the economy by shopping, ladies (and gents) let's get to work!