Tuesday, September 22 was the very first day of Fall, most notably referred to as "boot season" in the fashion industry.

At this point, it doesn't even matter what the external temperature is outside, women are looking for any excuse to buy and don a fresh new pair of boots or booties— and just a few days ago marked the unofficial start of the "boot season" we've so patiently awaited.

If you haven't already read Shop It To Me's: Boot Trends for Fall 2020, it's a great place to get some luxe foot candy/inspiration. Here you'll find their cheaper friends.

Enter the weird, unusual, but non-the-less so satisfyingly stylish boots in all of their affordable glory. No pair of boots is over $150 — you're welcome!

PS: we've already mentioned in our previously noted above "boot trends for fall 2020" post, that the 2020 boot trend looks a little less glam and a little more rough around the edges, so just a heads up.

Also worth noting, most of 2020's boot trends come in the form of an ankle boot rather than a knee-high or over-the-knee style.

Snakeskin Boots

A unique print to wear on your booties is the embossed snakeskin pattern. Most of the time made from faux or real leather, this python print makes for a super chic, yet edgy, affordable boot trend.

It's all about the small details on this Report snakeskin bootie, like the sliver of silver at the toe tip and its obtuse block heel.

Shearling Boots

Shearling or faux shearling boots are making a comeback, and this time they err on the funky side. At Shop It To Me we're big fans of these bright orange and beige suede Tory Burch boots, not only because they make a statement, but because they are also functional footwear.

These affordable boots are treated with a waterproof protectant, so that you can wear them around the city on even the worst days. These apres-ski style booties look ultra chic with a mini skirt.

Combat Boots

Doc Marten is the king of the affordable combat boot, and all of this brand's shoes are meant to last. This tech pair in particular features a grungy buckle at the top and Dr. Marten's classic yellow stitching at the bottom edges.

This is the ideal bootie to wear to the office before making a quick change into your heels or delicate flats. Even Jennifer Lopez rocks a pair of black combat boots in a new fall campaign.

Sock Boots

The concept of the sock bootie is something that we can get behind. Super comfortable, like a sock (duh), this second skin bootie feels natural on your foot.

Remember, 2020's boot trends look a little odd compared to previous boot trends, so this sock bootie has its quirks. We adore its bubblegum pink sculptured low heel and thick bottom rubber sole. These are also positively conscious shoes, meaning that they have that sustainability aspect.

Heeled Combat Boots

As you might have noticed, combat boots are a definite 2020 shoe trend, and for good reason. They are functional, comfy, and aesthetically interesting to look at. There's something about wearing combat boots with mini skirts and dresses that we can't get out of our fashion filled minds.

Cowboy Boots

Western wear inspired boots are trending hard, and you can see tiny aspects of western wear inspired boots in other boots, ie our first pair of snakeskin booties.

Shop It To Me has tons of affordable and stylish cowboy boots for women, so everyone can get in on this 2020 shoe trend. Wear your cowboy boots (or should we say cowgirl boots?) with any pair of denim from super skinny to anti-skinny jeans. We love a cowboy boot peeking out of an anti-skinny jean outfit.

It's never been easier to shop for cute affordable boots than it is in 2020. From your iphone, tablet, computer, to however you browse the internet— online shopping is only a click away.

Fall is here and boots are a chic alternative to sneakers when an open toed sandal won't work. Boots can be worn with any bottoms, and they look especially cool when paired with tights. 2020's boot trends are giving you a chance to show your own style and to stand out from the crowd.

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