When we think of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, we think trends. Right!? There’s no huge look that this brand hasn’t covered – and been at the forefront of fashion while it’s at it.

From seriously chunky boots to the must-have heels that you just can’t resist, this brand is all about diversity, new trends and the details that set it apart from so many other footwear labels. Born in the US, Jeffrey Campbell is an American brand that takes head-turning fashion seriously. So, whether you want staple heels that go with everything or statement boots that are all about grabbing attention, this collection has you covered.

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are some of our most searched items on Shop It To Me. And these are just some of the ever-popular styles that our customers cannot get enough of.

Jeffrey Campbell Boots

When it comes to boot trends, Jeffrey Campbell is a brand at the forefront. From the iconic lace-up Lita boots or super chunky Legion boots to more classic Siren sock boot styles, Jeffrey Campbell boots are for sure one of our most popular searches at Shop It To Me.

Jeffrey Campbell Platforms

Famous for its platform shoes and boots, this is a look iconic for the Jeffrey Campbell brand. Whether you’re wearing them with cute socks and a skirt or edgy leather pants, choose between statement Discotheque platform sandals or even the Mexique platform booties for serious ‘70s-inspired platform vibes. Search Jeffrey Campbell platforms on Shop It To Me for the full range.

Jeffrey Campbell Heels

Whatever the season, if you need a fresh new pair of heels for a girl’s night out, the Jeffrey Campbell heels range has you well and truly covered. Think on-trend mules, seriously strappy sky-highs or towering knee-high heeled boots.

How to Choose Your Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, here’s what we think you should consider.

• Do they suit your personal style? Or are they a trend piece that you might not wear again?

• Are they the right cut and shape for you?

• Are they a color you’ll get lots of wear out of? Or are you simply treating yourself because you love them? – which is totally fine, obvs!!

• When and how will you wear them?

Jeffrey Campbell Shoes Sizing

When choosing your Jeffrey Campbell shoes, you obviously also need to consider your sizing. The collections work to standard US sizing. So, if you’re used to ordering in any other sizing, we’ve included shoe sizing charts so that you can quickly make sure you’re selecting the perfect fit.

Check out our US-UK shoe sizing blog or our US-Euro shoe sizing blog for more info on how both of these charts work!

How to Care for Your Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

We want you to keep and wear your new Jeffrey Campbell shoes for a long time. So, here are our top tips on how to best care for them to keep them looking new for longer.

• Keep them clean! Sounds obvious but sometimes it’s tempting to get home and kick off your boots, disregarding them until the next time you wear them. Problem is, if you get them dirty and leave it there, it’s much more likely to stain. When you slip them off, give them a quick clean straight away and they’ll be good as new for your next wear.

• When cleaning, try to use just warm water and a cloth – leaving them to dry naturally rather than over a heater.

• If you’re wearing suede or even regular leather, invest in a protector spray before you wear them and spritz them regularly to keep the fabric in check.

• Don’t put them in the washing machine. We know it can be tempting and you can often get away with this with sneakers. But it’s just not good for the shoes!

• Lastly, try to store them as delicately as you can. Pack them away into boxes if you have the space or at least, fill shoes and boots with fillers (towels, paper towels etc.) to let them keep their shape when they’re not being worn.


To make finding the perfect pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes even easier, we’ve also collated a couple of our most asked questions when it comes to the collection.

Are Jeffrey Campbell shoes true to size?

In general, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are made to fit true to size when it comes to US shoe sizing. So, if you’re shopping for the first time, your usual size shoe should do the trick. If you’re slightly between sizes and not too sure which size to opt for, general feedback tends to be, if anything, that some people find the shoes a touch small to size. Therefore, if you’re between sizes, it’s most likely best to opt for the size or half size up to be sure of a comfortable fit.

What stores carry Jeffrey Campbell shoes?

One of Shop It To Me’s most coveted shoe brands, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are carried by quite a large selection of retailers. All of which you can find through the Shop It To Me site with a quick search and include Nordstrom, REVOLVE and Shop bop.

Search for Jeffrey Campbell shoes on Shop It To Me to see the best sales and deals on the entire collection from the above retailers and more.

Are Jeffrey Campbell shoes good quality?

Known for always being ahead of the trends, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are the perfect example of a brand that sits between affordable and high quality. With plenty of options at a lower price bracket, the range is accessible to everyone but you’ll also find leather boots priced between $150-$200. With attention to detail a huge concern for the JC design team, quality is great and with the help of Shop It To Me, you can always find a deal or sale price for your dream pair.

Where are Jeffrey Campbell shoes manufactured?

Although the Jeffrey Campbell brand is based in California, US, the shoes are actually made in their partner factories in China, manufactured for US sizing.