General Questions

  • Is Shop It To Me free to use?

    Shop It To Me is completely free to use. And, it saves you money by giving you a heads up on sales and special offers you're likely to want.

  • How do I sign up?

    It takes less than two minutes to sign up for your free Shop It To Me account. Just tell us if you're looking for women's or men’s clothing, your favorite brands and your sizes. Before you know it, you'll be wowed by the amazing sales we're able to find on clothing, shoes, handbags and more.

  • What are your shipping and return costs? Where can I return my items?

    Your Shop It To Me Salemail shows a list of items that retailers have recently put on sale. Once you click on an item, you are taken directly to the retailer's website where you make the purchase directly from the retailer. Shipping charges and returns are handled directly from the retailer as well, so make sure to check the retailer's policies before you make a purchase. Please do not send return items to Shop It To Me.

Account Info. How Do I...

  • Change my brand, size and style settings?

    Edit your Salemail settings here.

  • Confirm my account?

    To resend your Salemail confirmation, click resend Salemail confirmation.

    Also, be sure to add to your safe list or address book.

    If for some reason you still don't get a confirmation email within 10 minutes, please email with the subject "Confirm My Account".

  • Unsubscribe?
    To unsubscribe, click here. We're sorry to lose you!
  • Reset my password?
    If you are having problems logging in, reset your password by going to and clicking "forgot your password?"
  • Change my account email address?
    If you'd like to change your account email address, please email
  • Take a temporary break from Salemail?
    You can choose when to stop receiving Salemail and when to resume. Just log in to your account and click "Take a Break".
  • Change how often I receive Salemail?
    To change Salemail frequency, log in to your account, click "Email Frequency" and change your preference under "When would you like to receive emails?" Then click "Save".
  • Use Salemail outside the US?

    Follow these steps so your Salemail only includes items from retailers that ship to your country:

    • Log in to your Shop It To Me account.
    • Then click "Contact Information" and specify your country.
    • Check the box "Only show retailers which ship to this country" and hit Save.

Salemail Technical Questions

  • I can't see the images in my Salemail!

    What do you use to read emails?

    If you are still having trouble viewing images, contact, and be sure to include which email program and operating system you are using. You can also use Shop It To Me Search at any time to view your Salemails on the web.

  • My Salemail is clipped in Gmail. Clicking "View entire message" doesn't display images!

    When you get your next Salemail, click the link at the top of the email that says "always display images from". Do this before you click "View entire message", or else you will not see images. After doing this once, you should be able to see images in all of your future Salemail. You can also use Shop It To Me Search at any time to view your Salemails on the web.

  • I clicked on an item in my Salemail, but it's unavailable!

    Items can often go out of stock within 24 hours (or sometimes even less!) Unfortunately, unavailable items are one of the side effects of offering such great deals. We hope you understand and keep clicking early and often! Items should be in stock the moment you receive the email. If you find an item was out of stock as soon as you received the email, please!

  • The price in my Salemail doesn't match the price on the retailer site!

    Generally your emails will reflect the lowest price. Check to see if there is a discount code right under the retailer name that you must apply check-out. If not, occasionally the retailer increases the price after we check the sites each morning -- which is extremely frustrating to us too! Hopefully you will not experience this again, but if you do -- please let us know, as we do monitor these discrepancies and do everything possible to make the prices you see the most up-to-date and accurate.

  • I haven't been receiving my Salemail!

    What do you use to read emails?

    If you are still having trouble viewing images, contact, and be sure to include which email program and operating system you are using.

  • I accidentally deleted a Salemail. How can I see an old one?

    To view your most recent Salemail you can visit Shop It To Me Search. Click the "New Today" button to view items from your most recent Salemail that are still in stock! To recover older Salemails try checking your trash/deleted items folder if you haven't already.

  • How do I visit Shop It To Me Search?

    Just visit

Telling Friends. How Do I...

  • Tell friends about Salemail?

    We're thrilled you want to tell your friends about Salemail! To do this log in to your account and either click "Invite Friends" at the top of the page or "Tell More Friends" at the bottom.

  • Get my gift card or check the status of the friends I've invited?

    You can check which friends have signed up at any time. To do this, log in to your account and click "View Invite Status". Once you've had enough friends sign up (all with legitimate, unique accounts that follow the promotion guidelines), we will send you an email with instructions on how to receive your gift card. Let us know if you don't receive it within 72 hours of reaching the required number of sign ups.

  • Ensure I get gift card credit for the friends I have referred?

    You can view the status of all the friends you have referred to by logging in to your account and clicking "View Invite Status". For you to get credit, your friends must sign up using the link in your referral email. (It's the only way we can track referrals!) Your friends must also confirm their email.

  • Change the gift card I selected during sign up?

    When the required number of your friends register and you earn a gift card, you'll receive a notification email from us. At that time, you'll be able to select a different gift card if you wish.