US - Euro Shoe Size Conversion

We've done a couple of blogs recently to break down the details of sizing conversions between the US and the UK, as well as Europe. It can be tricky when ordering internationally because you often come across a brand from another country and the sizing can be confusing to get your head around!

This is why we really wanted to make this easier for you with some simple blogs explaining the size conversions.

We've covered US to UK clothing and shoe size conversions and we've also covered US to Euro clothing. So, today, we're taking a quick look at US to Euro shoe sizes for women, men and kids to keep everything ultra-clear and straightforward.

Let's dive straight in.

Women’s Shoe Size Conversions US to European

Shoe sizes can sometimes be tricky and when it comes to the difference between US women’s shoe sizing and European women’s shoe sizing, there’s not a simple rule to explain the conversion. You kind of just need to know.

For example, if you’re a US women’s shoe size 6, then you need to order a European size 37. If you’re a 9 US shoe size, then you’ll need a size 40.

Check out the shoe size conversion chart below to makes things as simple as possible.

Men’s Shoe Size Conversions US to European

Looking at men’s shoe sizes, some people talk about foot-length, but really it doesn’t tend to make the conversion any easier to get a grasp of. Instead, let’s keep it simple and just add our men’s shoe conversion chart for US to European and you can find your perfect size instantly.

Kid's Shoe Size Conversions US to European

Moving onto kid's US to Euro shoe sizes, it can be pretty complicated. There isn't an exact math to working this out so it best to just check the chart and remember which size your little one's shoe size converts to! Here's a chart with the info.

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