Zodiac Sign Fashion: Capricorn Style

Capricorn Dates: December 22 - January 19

Capricorns are Earth signs, and if that means anything to you, it means that you are practical, ambitious, and a realist. Think you can relate?

You, as a Capricorn, are represented by the sea goat symbol— you know the one, half goat, half mermaid.

In all seriousness, you're pretty grounded (much like a goat), yet you're imaginative, hence your sign's fishtail.

Anything but capricious, a Capricorn errs on the conservative side, both in life and in fashion. You won't find a brightly colored closet in the house of a Capricorn, and you won't see a Capricorn in anything overtly trendy. Instead, a Capricorn's fashion sense is much more predictable, classy, neutral, and very luxe.

Capricorns tend to be materialistic, but that's not a bad trait to have, especially when we're talking about a Capricorn's sense of style.

In this article we'll focus on how to dress like a Capricorn, ie: what does a Capricorn wear, a Capricorn's favorite colors, what she should look for in accessories, and how to style it all together.

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Capricorn Wear to Work Outfit

Congratulations, according to your zodiac sign you're a workaholic and an overachiever. At least this means you're smart, right?

For all of those hours you put in at the office, you're going to need an equally abundant amount of stylish work clothes. Luckily, you're naturally a good dresser, and you're very confident in your sense of style.

It's no surprise that you like your work clothes to be versatile, interchangeable, and available in a neutral palette, so we know you're going to love these wear to work outfits:

Wear this boss babe pinstriped dress with sheer black tights and black pumps to your next meeting:

You love a classic white silk blouse with tailored dress pants for the office. Theory and Lafayette 148 nail workwear like no other:

Capricorn Weekend Style

Just because you're dedicated to your craft doesn't mean that you don't know how to, or like to relax, because you do.

A Capricorn prefers to be comfortable on her days off, yet she doesn't compromise her sense of style. Still wearing a muted down color palette, a Capricorn embraces sweats, tees, and sneakers just like the rest of us.

Her favorite colors are black, brown, and deep hues of blue, so based on that, here's what a Capricorn should wear on the weekend:

& here are a few more weekend styles that a Capricorn would likely be spotted in:

Capricorn Handbag Suggestions

A Capricorn needs a handbag as practical as she is, and we find that the below handbags are best suited for this zodiac sign's style:

Emporio Armani's black leather tote is the perfect wear to work office bag:

Ultra light grey is the Capricorn's take on Winter White:

Because this star sign loves her richly hued blues, Tory Burch's quilted convertible shoulder bag is on her radar:

Shoes for a Capricorn

Although we know a Capricorn is very diligent and determined, she also likes to get things done in a high heel and she loves a good slingback.

And when a Capricorn isn't being a boss babe she's wearing a comfortable pair of sneakers or shearling booties (with her teddy track suit) in the Winter.

A Capricorn also appreciates a suede over-the-knee boot:

A Capricorn's Overall Sense of Style

Did this article pinpoint a true Capricorn's sense of style? For all you zodiac fashion fanatics out there, we hope we impressed you!

Dressing for your zodiac sign is fun to play around with. If you want to continue the fashion party, check out (and bookmark) The Inside Scoop, to shop the best designer sales: there's always something new to see here folks!