What To Wear On July 4th

Whether you look forward to or hate situational dressing, the 4th of July is a "weekend" where stars and stripes become chic.

In your quest for chic outfit ideas to sport this Independence Day, Shop It To Me has already found them— on sale. AND, we have some unconventional suggestions about what Fourth of July dressing looks like.

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All the "it girls" are doing it— how do you think today's millennials are affording their Jimmy Choo's and Manolo's?

Fourth Of July— But Make It Fashion

Taste level is something we revel in, so there's no teetering on the cusp of anything unrefined with our picks. If we're giving you stars it's going to be from a fashion-forward perspective and professionally curated. Continue reading below for our favorite Americana star-spangled looks. . .

Our version of a starry look doesn't come in the form of a non-inspired graphic t-shirt, but rather in a pair of sheer silk star-printed pants by Jonathan Simkhai.

We'd pair these sheer printed pants with either a black or white bikini top, or a plain crop top, like Dion Lee's twist open-back crop top from Net-a-Porter. This July 4th outfit works with any type of black shoes. Wear your hair in a pony and just add gloss.

And regarding 4th of July outfits, it's all in the accessories— you don't need to literally wear the American flag on your back. Star-spangled accessories speak for themselves and they do it with class. Miu Miu's star fringed earrings go beyond your July 4th outfit and complement any Summer / Spring outfit, looking more street style than situational.

If stars aren't your thing, then accessorizing with hints of patriotic-ness will suffice. Maybe it's in the form of a blue Chanel shoulder bag, nail art or a simple bright red polish, or with a tinted sunglass. You gotta give the world a hint of something, because nobody likes a party-pooper.

What's More American Than Red, White, & Blue?

Not to be confused with looking like a melted 'bomb pop' your outfit should be more Independence Day Chic than teenybopper, if you know what we mean. You don't need to wear every color of the flag simultaneously. Wearing a white dress, bright red pants, or a cobalt blue top, independently, makes for an appropriate Fourth of July outfit.

Norma Kamali's red 'goddess dress' is a perfect representation of what Independence Day Chic looks like.

A well fitting pair of denim shorts should already be a staple in your closet, and it's very American to wear blue jean anything. Think about sporting a pair of denim shorts and a white or red top, like the ones from Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus below:

It's okay to mix 2 out of the 3 red, white, and blues, but never wear all three at once— to avoid looking kitschy.

Be An All-American Girl

We wanted to lay down a simple foundation for you to feel comfortable with this July 4th. It's not about being the loudest outfit in the room, it's about celebrating in subtle style.

There are ways to weave hints of the holidays into your outfit without going overboard. Balance is key, think simple over standout, and make sure that you're wearing the outfit and the outfit isn't wearing you.

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