This is a true story, and a type of short we're talking about. The short is mid to high rise, it's not super short, yet it's definitely not a bermuda short. It's just perfect.

Figure Flattering Features

These denim shorts we're loving are so perfect because:

  • The rise is just right. You'll never have to worry about a crack attack, or if anything is falling down, because the waistband isn't going anywhere in these pairs.
  • The length is legit. It's not going to look like your tushie is eating your jeans. Oh no. We deserve so much better.
  • There's a color, wash, and level of distressing out there for every vibe.
  • Not skintight, yet your figure won't get lost in them, the way they hug you in all the right places will surprise even the most apprehensive.
  • They're comfortable. "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" said Coco Chanel, and she couldn't have been more spot on, especially when it comes to denim. Especially denim shorts.

Many brands tackle the jean short, yet so many get it wrong. Are they even listening to their customers? We think they've at least started to, because our stylists sorted through and spotted many shopworthy pieces that get the fit and overall look just right . . . and we can't wait to share them with you!

So without further delay .. we present to you ..

The 'perfectly distressed' denim shorts

First things first - try to imagine these jeans on YOU. Forget the heels, the ugly tie-dye shirt (sorry) and really focus on the denim jeans you're viewing.

Imagine these denim shorts with your spin on them. Maybe you'll wear sneakers, ankle strap kitten heels, or lace-up gladiator flats - the point is that no matter your style, these denim shorts will make you look and feel flawless.

Stylist Tip: if you're nervous that these could be "too short, too tight, etc" order 1 to 2 sizes larger than you normally wear in your skinny jeans. In doing so, you might actually get a slimming effect.

If you're not sure what your jeans look needs, but you know it definitely needs something - check out our post on Sleek Summer Sunglasses so that you can pair your distressed denim with clean lined sunnies.

There's something about a distressed look with clean accessories (in this case sleek sneakers and sleek sunglasses) that is very appealing. An oversized sweater on top is the icing on the cake and will take your entire look here to the next level.

The 'only a tad bit frayed' denim shorts

When you don't want to go heavy on the distressing, but you also don't want to be plain jane for the day, try on these slightly frayed around the edges pairs.

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Notice how these shorts won't strangle your thighs or expose your bum! Don't forget to order 1 size up to get a flawless fit. A key mistake women make is ordering their denim shorts the same size as their longer denim (which is always tight). Consider the lesson learned.

The 'original' denim shorts

These might look slightly similar to the above pairs, but you can never have too many jeans right? Plus they are actually different! More 'cut off' then frayed, denim shorts no longer come with a clean hem, and honestly they are so much better that way.

We love to wear our denim shorts to the beach over a teeny tiny bikini! Read about our 5 Best Bikini Brands Of All Time blog post to get some inspo. Don't forget to top off the look with Spring's hottest accessory - The Mini Bag.

Imagine how chic- your bikini top, denim shorts (not cutting into you aka no muffin top), mini bag in tow, a sleek pair of sunnies, now this is how jean shorts are supposed to be worn! #effortless

Who Wears Short Shorts?

We do! Just because these shorts aren't up your you-know-what, doesn't mean that they are frumpy. Actually, the shorter your jean shorts are, the more you and your outfit WILL look dated.

Another Stylist Tip is to half tuck in your shirt, aka only tuck it in in the front. Our stylists suggest wearing oversized white button-downs or graphic tees with these looks. And yes- don't forget the half tuck!