The Camo Trend And How To Wear It

Just when you were overheard saying "ew, I can't believe she's wearing that" or "who wears camo to cocktail hour?" here you are, reading an article about how to incorporate camouflage into your 2019 wardrobe. It's okay, your favorite celebs are already doing it.

So if you're inspired by Rihanna, Bella Hadid, or Billie Eilish's style, this camo print trend could be something you want to pursue.

It's Okay To Mix Camo Prints

Camo on camo is more than okay. Eres's 'mouna' camouflage bikini set is giving us major 90's/early aughts vibes and we're not even mad about it.

We love camo print on top of camo print, so here what we did was choose a high waisted pant to go on top of this bikini look. We say go extreme, either do a very high rise or a very low rise pant.

Btw, the Eres camouflage bikini is also available in a one-piece version, which we would also pair with the above Alice + Olivia camouflage capris.

And because Fashion is having an Ethical/Sustainable moment . . .

Which we are highly in favor of.

Peep our article on How To Start Shopping For Sustainable Fashion, to gather some facts and inspiration when it comes to eco friendly fashion brands.

AND check out our thoughts on Rothy's Sustainable Shoes, a company that is doing everything in its power to make fashion aware of the environment and community in which we all live in.

That brings us to Rothy's camo print point flats, that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

If you don't want to rock camo via your clothing, try sporting it on your feet. Long days that turn into nights approved, these camo flats are comfortable and take zero breaking in time.

We wear our pointed Rothy's with black skinny pants, denim shorts, mini dresses, and bikinis, because yes, Meghan Markle was spotted rocking her Rothy's en la playa.

Camo flats on the beach are so 2019.

Camo but make it SEXY

If you can get past the styling, ahem the chunky platform sandals and heavy crossbody, then you can start to see the beginning of a super sexy camouflage dress.

Wear a push-up bra and strappy stiletto sandals for a fresh look. Also, do minimal makeup, just a light blusher/bronzer, mascara, and a gloss. (if you're looking for a good bra - read this!)

We also love to throw a cropped chunky sweater over midi and maxi dresses. With the above Michael Kors camo dress and Gianvito Rossi pvc lace-up heels, we see ourselves wearing an oversized sweater like this 3.1 Phillip Lim mohair version:

And definitely make sure to Carry A Mini Bag.

More ShopWorthy Camouflage Pieces

If you're really adventurous, go for these Marc Jacobs embellished camouflage pants, and stick to wearing a black bodysuit underneath. We love Re/Done anything.

Camo doesn't always mean 50 shades of green. Try this Nili Lotan golden version of a camo skirt. We love the model's look: a white tee, white sneakers, and a nude bag.

Okay, but where to shop for cute camouflage clothing?

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Wrapping up the Camo Concept

Remember when wearing camouflage anything, either double dose or pair it with a neutral.

Mixing a camo print with another print (besides camo) is a no-no. (try saying that 3x fast) .....

Well, it's a no-no if you're a beginner or if you're on the fence about the trend. If you're neither of the above, then go ahead and mix camouflage like a pro.

However, you can be 100% sure that with our style tips your camo outfit will come out looking fashion-forward, yet timeless.