As women, we focus a whole bunch on finding the right clothes that fit and express our style from the outside in. But what about the garments we wear below day in day out, that both provide our comfort and allow our outside clothing to fit its best. Are you guilty of leaving your underwear till last on your priority list?

Well – if you said yes, that all stops now!

Finding the right bras and the perfect bra fit for you is JUST as important as finding shoes that fit. So, today we’re taking a look at some of the best bra brands on the market right now and looking at who they might work for the best no matter your cup size.

We’re going to look at plus size or bigger cup bras all by themselves at a later date so that we can give them the attention they deserve. So, if you’ve got a fuller bust and aren’t sure which brands are for you, sign up to Shop It To Me and watch out for the plus size bra blog, coming soon!

Because we’re coming at you from Shop It To Me, all our brand picks are from our platform. But that doesn’t mean we’ll be missing any major ones because our partners are from the likes of Nordstrom, Macy’s and more, so together, we curate a collection featuring hundreds of brands.

Why Is Choosing the Best Bra So Important?

Sometimes, cheap can be great. On the high street now, cheap is more prominent than ever but it doesn’t mean great quality and quality is super important for underwear for many reasons. Let’s take a look at just a few.

You Wear Them ALL THE TIME

We’re not talking about a top that you wear twice a year here. We’re talking about the bras that you wear day in day out with (pretty much) every single outfit that you put together. You need them to be comfortable, feel and look good AND last. Only good quality will allow you to find all these things.

Your Bra Is Your Style BFF

You should consider your bra the base of your clothing much like your foundation is the base of your makeup. Without it, or with the wrong choice, nothing else looks quite right on top. Whether that means a wireless bra or a full-coverage bra, it should allow your clothing to sit fitted and smoothly on top and give you the lift and support your unique shape requires.

Your Bra Affects More Than Just Your Looks

Your bra changes the way clothing looks, but it also changes the way you actually feel. If you’re uncomfortable all day long and constantly pulling and adjusting your straps, you’re more likely to become irritated, begin to get sore or even painful breasts, as well as pain in the shoulders and even back.

Believe that choosing the best bra is important now?

So, now we’ve covered that– let’s dive into the best bras and brands on the market, right now. All chosen through Shop It To Me.

Best Bras on Shop It To Me


From comfortable t-shirt bras to cute and sexy lace numbers, Natori is a great label for the everyday bras that we need with lots of diverse choice for every style.

We love the way this bra balances on the edge of everyday comfort and cute lace detailing. With added plunge lines and a touch of sheer paneling, the design looks just as good alone as it does under your clothes.

Doesn’t everyone need a convertible bra with adjustable straps? With molded underwired cups and a little padding, get the plunge effect you’ve been looking for with this beaut quality bra, complete with the ability to convert the straps to suit your top.

Hanky Panky

If you’re a fan of lace bralets and pure comfort, Hanky Panky is the brand that brings lace to bralets in the best way possible. With delicate triangle shaped bras in a range of beautiful colors, you can get the shape and comfort you need with the feminine look that makes you feel like you’re wearing your favorite lingerie.

The perfect everyday bralette, this bra is Hanky Panky all over. With wireless cups for ultimate comfort but a touch of padding to create a smooth curved shape under clothes, you never have to think lace is just for show again.

And it’s not just bras that make Hanky Panky a winner for its customers. Check out this stunning Linette mesh lace bodysuit, giving you a full undergarment that exudes both sultry vibes and effortless comfort.

Wacoal America Inc.

Wacoal America Inc. does bras that really work with your bust. Whether you need a little extra sculpting, an added support push-up bra or just really want that smooth finish that sits so effortlessly under t-shirts and button-down shirts, this brand has you covered and is well worth checking out.

This Wacoal lace contour bra offers a racerback design that makes it perfect for any tank top or tee as well as giving great shape and plunge at the front making it the perfect all-rounder.

When you want your bras to work for your clothes, this Wacoal seamless bra is the perfect example. Smooth lines and a beautiful palette, you’ll never want to take this off!

The Wacoal Red Carpet strapless bra is also one of the best on the market when you’re headed to any event that requires a little more skin on show. Whether you’re wearing a strapless gown or your wedding dress, Wacoal has made strapless issues a thing of the past.

Calvin Klein

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Calvin Klein remains a great go-to for basic high-quality bras that last. Whether you’re looking for a seamless and comfortable t-shirt bra with convertible straps or a secret push-up design that blends prettiness with function, Calvin Klein bras are always a dependable brand that gives you the underwear that you’ll wear and wear.Plus, if you're after a wirefree bra, you'll find the CK classics now wireless for ultimate comfort.

Wireless, tick. Perfect fit, tick. Skin tone hues that simply don’t show through even white clothing, tick. We love this best-selling lounge bra and we can see it becoming our go-to everyday bra when comfort and support are equally as important.

Head in a different direction with this strapless balconette bra with a longline finish and lace inserts that is as comfortable as it is ideal to wear under tops and dresses that need that strapless finish.


Chantelle is a bra brand worth its weight in gold. Known for its versatility and diverse range of options from full-coverage to plunge push-ups and sports bras, this brand knows what women want and they make them in some pretty beaut laces and color palettes too.  Whether you want a classic comfortable bra or a sultry lace design, this label is worth checking out.

Known just as well for their quality as the pretty designs, this Chantelle bra is just too good. Plus, we’re obsessed with the color palette in every way.

Want a sports bra that is more bra than sports but with all the support you need for activity? Chantelle has you covered.

Fleur Du Mal

Add some sex appeal to your lingerie drawer with the support and comfort you actually need as well. Fleur Du Mal’s bra styles are beautifully made, high-quality and come complete with unexpectedly cool detailing and accents.

Fleur Du Mal loves some lace and they know exactly how to do it well and properly. We love this demi lace bra with insanely delicate straps. The perfect balance of pretty and edgy.

Lots of Fleur Du Mal bras are almost too good to hide underneath clothes and this is a pure example of that. This bra top isn’t the best bet for a full figure and bigger bra size as it’s unstructured and free of underwire cups, but for a smaller bust, it’s the perfect option for when a little bra is on show (we’re thinking under a chic boyfriend blazer and tailored pants!).

Whatever you feel about your favorite bra, from a cup to h cup, we all (well, most of us) wear them almost every day and they’re super important to how we feel and look from the outside. While Victoria's Secret is one of the most famous underwear labels in the world, do your research and find a bra label that actually completely suits you. Use Shop It To Me to find the best bras for your size and shape and don’t forget, it really is a matter of – what’s on the inside counts.