The Best Platform Shoes of 2019

We've already determined that clogs are officially making a comeback, and now our heads are filled with thoughts of the platform shoe. Do people still wear platforms in 2019? Are platforms out of style by now? Do platform over-the-knee boots exist? Can we still get away with wearing our platform sneakers in the Winter? Are platforms hard to walk in?

Our minds are racing a mile a minute and we have so many questions regarding this stacked shoe style. After doing much research on the internet (aka online shopping) and falling deep into a fashion rabbit hole, many hours and countless Google searches later, we finally came up with some answers.

Platform shoes are indeed still in style— just ask Saint Laurent, Gucci, Miu Miu, Stella McCartney, Giuseppe Zanotti, and Clergerie, who are just a few of fashion's top designers that are fully embracing this Fall trend. Besides just trending, platforms are easy to walk in, they are comfortable, are they exhibit a high sense of style, quite literally.

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Platform Over-The-Knee Boots

We've been low-key/high-key fawning over the oddity that is the thigh-high platform boot. This sky-high boot type is unique, and that only makes us that much more into it.

Clergerie is one of our favorite shoe brands that we think deserves much more recognition by consumers than it gets. Designed and manufactured in France by an old-school bunch of artisans, Clergerie shoes are worth every penny.

A name more recognized, animal-friendly ethical brand Stella McCartney, is already known to create a good platform, and her faux leather over-the-knee platform boots are just what our closets are missing.

Either of these thigh-high boots can be worn with a dress or a skirt (it doesn't need to be a mini, the skirt or dress can cover the top of your boots). We love the surprise of an over-the-knee boot lurking under a dress.

The Platform Bootie

The shorter-shafted sister of the over-the-knee boot, is the bootie. Booties only cover mid-calf or less of your leg, but they still know how to make a statement. Consider these Cult Gaia shoes your "go with anything booties".

See by Chloe is giving us the chicest bohemian bootie that we've ever seen. We plan on these being our "casual platform boots" and we're pairing them with brown leather leggings and something oversized on top. These leather and wood platform ankle booties are going to be our Fall go-to's.

Platform Sneakers

We're still rocking our platform sneakers deep into Fall and Winter of 2019. Clearly, we're not going to break out our coral colored beach friendly platforms, but we plan to show off our white and darker colored platform sneakers a lot.

White is fresh, universal, perennial (despite some silly rules that are no longer "rules") and always in style.

Pair your platform sneakers with track pants, non-skinny denim, skirts or dresses. There are plenty of ways to style your dress with sneakers.

Platform Sandals, Espadrilles, & Pumps

Yes, you can wear sandals in the Winter, as long as you throw on a pair of pantyhose. And, if you live in Texas, you might not even need to wear a tight.

We love the above platform sandals and pumps when worn with or without stockings and a dress, or with heels and a suit.

As for the platform espadrilles, we think they look chic with shorts and an oversized blazer, skirts, and dresses.

The Most Coveted Platforms of 2019 and 2020

Saint Laurent and Gucci know how to party. These Saint Laurent paige sandals have been trending all over Instagram and for good reasons— they are HOTTTT.

Gucci's platform shoes are also fashion-forward and anyone wearing them will command attention— are we turning into foot fetish people?

Platforms Won Us Over

Wish you were taller? Hate heels that rub you in all the wrong places? Can't walk in a stiletto to save your life? Invest in a great pair of platforms.

You may think they look ridiculous at first, but as long as they look chic af on your foot, with your outfit, and a dose of confidence, there's no telling what you can't accomplish.

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