Are Clogs Making A Comeback?

According to The Zoe Report, clogs are the sleeper trend of 2019, and Refinery29 claims that 2019 is the year that clogs are going to finally happen.

We're not sure if anyone can make clogs look as cute as Snow White did, but we'll damn well try.

So, according to Shop It To Me, these are the best clogs of 2019 that are actually wearable.

Clogs in the traditional sense

Our new favorite brand at the moment, Jacquemus, is spewing out its leather and wooden heeled clogs in 4 different Fall ready colors: khaki green, burgundy, beige, and black.

Just because we're feeling extra, we chose to highlight the khaki green color, and we actually love them so much, we'd even sport them on a first date. Because if your potential man can't appreciate you in a clog, can he really appreciate you at all? (don't answer that).

Btw, we'd style these Jacquemus clog mules with skinny black denim, a sultry cream silk cami, a black blazer, and a mini bag.

Another classic pair of clogs that we're enjoying right now are Salvatore Ferragamo's 'cleome' clogs. They are reminiscent of a loafer, and they have that upper echelon vibe to them that Salvatore Ferragamo does best. And p.s. (just when we thought we were tired of logo-mania, Ferragamo includes its signature logo in gold hardware on its wooden clog)— and it makes for a very convincing shoe!

We would wear this pair of perfectly constructed clogs with either a brown skirt suit situation at the office or with skinny denim and a plaid blazer.

Flat clogs that remind us of Birksenstocks

These flat clogs probably remind us of Birkenstocks because Birkenstock does make them. We'll only show you the best flat clogs, and we'll start with the actual Birkenstock brand.

We're big into a black and brown combo, so these black suede shearling Birkenstocks with a brown cork bottom were taunting us.

These 'Boston' Birkenstocks are appropriate for the office (most offices) and we recommend wearing them with a cropped black skinny dress pant and a black slightly oversized sweater. Add simple gold jewelry.

Below are some more styles of flat buckle clogs, that are inspired by Birkenstock's options (or it could be the other way around):

The idea for Swedish Hasbeens was conceived in 2006, and now their uber sustainable clog company is ultra famous. They are famous on the premise of being odd, and in 2019 we've noticed personal style is very much in style, so let your freak flag fly high in these black Swedish Hasbeens Swedish husband clogs (yes, that's really their product name).

Isabel Marant also makes a chic leather backless clog:

As does Prada, with its bordeaux red velvet clog mule:

We're envisioning the clog as an office delight, but as you're soon about to find out, we also love the clog when worn casual.

How celebrities wear their clogs

If this image looks like a fashion flashback, that's because it is. What hasn't changed is our feelings. We love the casual clog outfit, and each celeb looks comfortable and chic wearing their pair of clogs.

So, like, clogs are meant to be worn on the casual side— sorry we don't see any clogs and evening gowns in the future, but we do enjoy a clog with a suit. Clogs and a cocktail dress just doesn't sound right.

Will you be seen sporting clogs through 2020?

We feel like it takes a certain confidence to rock a clog, and we give props to the ladies who do it with a natural grace. Whether clogs come naturally to you or not, Shop It To Me can help you score the shoes of your dreams.

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So— are clogs making a comeback? We say YES.

ANYTHING can look fashion-forward AF if you style it right, so go ahead start the clog trend and any other trend you know you look FIERCE in.