The Best Faux Fur Coats

With sustainability and ethics on everyone's minds recently comes an influx of stylish faux fur jackets at all sorts of price points.

It's no longer frowned upon to be seen sporting faux fur, no one is assuming that you can't afford the real thing, and with many brands pledging or already banning real fur from their lines (including Versace, Michael Kors, Prada, Coach, DVF, Giorgio Armani - just to name a few), using real fur in the U.S. may soon be a thing of the past.

Besides major labels vowing to go fur free, some stores and online retailers as a whole will stop selling items containing real animal fur all together, including Bloomingdales, Macy's, & all Net-a-Porter companies.

Also, California is the first state to ban fur products!

Now that you've been briefed on a few things fur free, here are the best faux fur coats of 2019 . . . . according to us!!

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Now these are the best faux fur jackets of 2019

A black faux fur jacket is the perfect type of jacket to wear over a dress (which believe it or not, finding a chic jacket to wear over a dress is a challenge in itself). Consider this problem solved with Tularosa's ultra plush faux fur Winter jacket.

Elegant and edgy, in a dark huntington green color, Tory Burch nailed it with this faux fur midi coat. Wear this long line coat to the office over a suit.

Whether you hate fashion & have a rebellious relationship with it, or you're a slave to fashion, or you have the rare ability make anything and everything look impossibly chic with little to no effort, cloak yourself in this striped DVF faux fur coat and go on with your bad self.

Ethereal and almost too comfortable to be true, Stine Goya's baby blue faux fur trench coat is the perfect faux fur to pair with blue jeans and a white tee (conveniently modeled impeccably below).

No animals were harmed making this Majorelle deer inspired coat, and it's the perfect coat to throw over any Winter white outfit. Patterned neutrals are the new neutrals?

This type of "teddy" coat is quite possibly the most Instagrammed faux fur coat of 2019. The teddy bear coat is everything you expect it to be: plush, nubby, warm and cozy— just like your favorite stuffed animal. Click the image and peep this cute jacket in ecru white. At such an affordable price, why not get them both?

Last on our list of the best faux fur coats of 2019 (but definitely not least) is iconic faux fur brand Shrimps. This expertly tailored coat is perfected by its balloon sleeves and oversized collar. Click the image to see how flawlessly the fit is on this faux fur.

Fur Free is the Way To Be

The Fox and the Hound always makes us ugly cry, and now so does wearing real fur products.

We suggest skipping the real deal, saving the poor animals who suffer in the process just for our pleasure, and investing in a high quality faux fur!

We hope you liked our top faux fur picks, we pride ourselves on quality over quantity (always), and if you liked this article, please bookmark Shop It To Me's Inside Scoop Page to stay up-to-date on the latest sales and trends!