First off, we admit it, no shame in our game— we love men's clothing. So much so that one of our top stylists will buy men's graphic tees in a size XS and wear them as if they were made for her. #wordsofwisdom

So, as we're writing this, of course we're looking for the best men's graphic t-shirts (you know, that men would actually gravitate towards) yet we're not writing any of them off as too masculine.

Side note: we found all of these tees using Shop It To Me. It's a men's, women's, and children's sale site, so if any of these t-shirts are sold out just sign-up for free and find new deals because sales never sleep.

The Concert Tee

As seen above, Justin Bieber makes the concert tee look sexy. Men, take note: women think this is sexy.

Justin pairs his graphic tee with casual pants and a pair of red Van's sneakers. These are our favorite men's concert t-shirts for a laid back yet stylish look:

The Tie Dye Effect

Fashionbeans produced an excellent article that focuses on how to wear tie dye, especially in the case of chic, stylish, and tailored men. If you think tie dye isn't any of those things, think again.

Our favorite way to style these men's tie dyed tees is with skinny jeans and sneakers, and/or under a blazer, and a tip is to stick with neutral tie dye colors (as opposed to this).

And, when combining the two concepts, both the concert tee and the tie dye tee, you get this awesome shirt:

Long Sleeve Graphic T-Shirts

Calvin Klein's graphic long sleeve tee is exactly the type of shirt you should be wearing with your sweatpants/loungewear — not a polo shirt.

This James Perse tee comes in 3 different colors, but the black is hands-down our favorite. Any black long sleeve tee is a good idea.

The Logo Tee

Logomania is happening right now, and it's hard to dismiss it. Sometimes it can come off as uninspiring, but the logo tee can be done with cause.

When the logo tee is accompanied with a graphic of some sort, then we're into it.

We also like when the logo is shrunken. Pair one of these logo tees with cargo pants and a pair of boots.

An additional way we like our logo tees is skewed. When you can't initially tell that it's a branded tee.

So apparently Hugo Boss is killing the men's t-shirt game. We ain't mad.

The Graphic Tee Lives On

We don't think the graphic trend tee will ever die down, and we just had an idea to keep this look fresher than ever. Wear with leather sneakers. Yes— a graphic tee, straight/skinny jeans, and leather sneakers = A++

If this got your attention, try reading Why A Graphic T-Shirt Is A Style Must Have. We wrote the article with women in mind, but the concept behind the actual t-shirt outfit ideas can also be for men (except for the skirt look). Same concept.

Keep up with us here for up-to-date men's and women's fashion trends.