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Because we normally write pieces on women's fashion trends, we wanted to literally and figuratively put ourselves in men's shoes and report back to our readers with our fresh take on men's fashion trends.

Menswear Trends

Every man can use a helping hand when it comes to their fashion sense, so it would be disadvantageous for any man to assume he knows the absolute most about every style trend. It's impossible. There's always room for a new tweak, refinement, or expert point of view.

For example, do you wear any of these Best Sunglass Brands For Men? If the answer is "no" you're welcome for already introducing you to something new.

A Printed Long Sleeve Button-Down

A quintessential men's shirt is the button-down collar shirt, and just when you thought this prototypical collar shirt was as uninspiring as it gets— these happened:

When you find a dress shirt in a print that you actually love, it's a rare occasion. Forget the boring blues, the white slim fits, the humdrum button-downs you're accustomed to seeing, our above picks are the elevated versions of an otherwise "ordinary" men's style shirt.

p.s. If many of these shirts are sold out, it's okay. We wanted to show you that great quality men's shirts do exist and they come on sale. We used a new and improved search tool called Shop It To Me to find every piece of clothing in this article and it's easy to use. (yes, there's a girl on the homepage— don't freak out, sign-up for free, and when prompted select your shopping interest as a "man"). BAM!

The Vacation Shirt

AKA the Hawaiian shirt. Definitely a stand out piece, this shirt once reserved for (well we won't say it) is now heavily trending in the world of men's fashion.

Here are our favorite Hawaiian shirts and they are all short sleeve.

Topman's slim-fit take on this floral button-down style is the ultimate in warm weather Summer style:

We'd wear the Topman Hawaiian shirt and the below Ted Baker and Neiman Marcus versions, with white or black skinny jeans and a pair of sleek classic Adidas white sneakers:

And trust us, forget whatever bottoms the models are wearing, skinny denim jeans are the absolute way to wear the Hawaiian shirt trend.

Slim Denim

Another modern fashion trend for men are skinny denim jeans. Baggy or wide leg, bootcut, and straight leg denim are much harder to pull off, so it's time to embrace the slim cigarette denim jeans look— that's going to look good on everyone.

Levi's denim stands the test of time and this pair of 501's is the perfect pair to don with any type of men's shirt:

Here's some more jean inspiration that's very now, yet will always be a classic choice:

A Polo With Pizzazz

Sure a Ralph Lauren polo shirt will always be in style, BUT we wanted to deviate from the norm just a little. Try these unconventional polo shirts instead:

Can you embrace these men's street style looks into your wardrobe?

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Our best advice to you: Take every men's fashion trend with a grain of salt, only use components of each trend that you feel comfortable in—but don't be afraid to try something new to see what works for you, and have fun with your clothing. It's okay to stand out!