Mary Janes: The Style of the Season

An unexpected style— the mary jane— is coming in hot this SS20 season.

Maybe it's because Rothy's (the sustainable shoe brand that Meghan Markle swears by) just introduced its newest flat, their take on a super cute mary jane style that comes in 5 bold but totally workable colors, that we're all of sudden so obsessed with this classic style all over again.

Or maybe our love of the mary jane was subconsciously reignited via Rothy's newest release, and this is the universe's weird way of telling us to buckle up because the mary jane is going to be a major blast from the past shoe trend for 2020.

But, don't just take our word for it (or do) WhoWhatWear, InStyle, Marie Claire, and Elle have also dubbed the mary jane as one of 2020's mega shoe trends.

So, with most of the fashion world in agreement that mary janes are an "it" girl shoe again, these are our favorite pairs that we'd actually want to get caught photographed wearing.

We're Shop It To Me, 2020's best shopping App, and we know a thing or two about SHOES, so who better to chime in on this topic than us?

Here are our Top Mary Jane Shoe Styles for SS20!

1.) The Rothy's shoe that started our (re)obsession

Rothy's is the sustainable shoe brand on everyone's lips right now. And in case you haven't heard of them, long story short, the brand's shoes are made from recycled plastic bottles, they're washable, and they are damn comfy!

We suggest wearing these mary janes to work, as they are basically the perfect office shoes ever.

2.) Sometimes a little crazy is what we need in times like these

Heck, don't hide your crazy— bring it to the forefront and show it off in these polka dot Manolo Blahnik mary janes!

Manolo's are known to be extremely comfortable, and we know from experience, so if you're on the fence, just buy them— you won't regret it!

3.) Doc Martens got on the mary jane style with this punk platformed version

These mary janes are a nice refresh from a combat boot style. They are also not what's expected at all when you think of a dainty mary jane, and for this, we love them even more.

We're wearing these punk mary janes all throughout the weekend.

4.) Slim and trim before COVID 19

These are so lady-like and pretty. If you have a white dress, or a black dress, a skirt, basically anything, even a great pair of denim, these Stuart Weitzman mary janes are going to make your outfit look that much better. These make you look like you have your stuff all together, if you know what we mean.

They are so streamlined, but if you're looking for something a little funkier, we got you ....

5.) A little chunkier after COVID 19 but sexier than ever

We told you there was a bolder pair of white mary janes waiting around the corner for you!

We love the thickness and curves on these platform pumps, and we plan to wear these as statement shoes to an otherwise boring outfit.

6.) Dolce & Gabbana always brings the regal vibes

Sophisticated is the best word to describe these Dolce & Gabbana luxe mary jane pumps. Sophisticated and rich.

Dolce always nails it when it comes to sophisticated glamour.

7.) Sporty Spice chic by Prada

When your feet are tired of partying in those 4" stilettos, give your feet a rest wearing Prada's satin espadrille mary janes.

These are also the perfect weekend shoes to give your feet a rest from the usuals.

8.) Manolo Blahnik upgraded its lower heeled mary jane style for this much sexier version

The Italian shoe brand also changed the almond toe on its quintessential mary jane shoe for a much needed upgrade to the pointy toe, its sexier sister.

A kitten heel with a pointed toe is sexy and everyday wearable.

9.) Jeremy Scott loves a bubblegum pink moment

Jeremy Scott, the wildly fun designer behind mega brand Moschino, knows how to throw a punch in the fashion arena.

We applaud these pink patent leather mary janes and we plan to rock these with a body hugging black dress and some sort of leather jacket on top.

10.) Miu Miu going all Studio 54 on us

But honestly when is Miu Miu ever subtle? It's no secret that the Italian brand is a fan of the bling, so these crystal embellished suede mary janes set the tone for a good girl's night out.

Even if for some reason you don't wear these as much as you like, you're always going to admire them sitting pretty in your closet. But trust us, you'll wear them!

Trendy Mary Jane Shoes for 2020

What's old is always new again, and in the case of the mary jane, we're all in.

Sexy and unexpected, the mary jane style shoe brings a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit. The best sales are happening now, and if you want some free help, sign-up for Shop It To Me, your online personal shopper :o)