Luxury, but make it laid back.  Laid back is the name of the fashion game these days and that's fine, every style has its era, and right now wfh (work from home) is still having its moment.

To piggyback off of wfh wear, let's take it up a few notches. Here we'll explore luxury designer fashions that don't scream flashy af, but still ooze elegance and feel luxurious to the touch. Afterall, who doesn't want to wear something super chill while feeling expensive?

We know that we do, so without further ado, here Shop It To Me's (a free sale alert service that lets you know when items you love go on sale in your size) top picks when it comes to laid back luxury fashion.

It's About A Feeling

Laid back luxury fashion is more about a feeling that anything else. It was the iconic Coco Chanel who once said that "luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury" and that is precisely what we are referencing in this blog post.

Let's Start With Some Cashmere

Winter is upon us and cashmere is always a good idea for these chilly months.

When most people think of cashmere they think of turtlenecks and oversized belted wraps, but cashmere is so much more than that. Cashmere short sleeve shirts, cashmere joggers, lightweight cashmere, etc.

Here are our favorite easy-to-wear cashmere pieces to keep you warm and comfortable this holiday season.

This warm butterscotch color is a nice variation from the basic cooler greige colors that we're used to.

And this cashmere cardigan by Jonathan Simkhai pairs excellently with its very own matching cashmere joggers. Just add a soft white t-shirt underneath and voila, you're in laid back luxury heaven.

Below is the same concept, different fit. A super sleek cashmere tracksuit if you will, by Frame. We love a baggy yet chic fit, aka a wide leg pant coupled with a baggy yet cuffed sleeved sweater.

See below comfort king James Perse's lightweight short sleeved cashmere tee.

This short sleeve sweater pairs excellently with your favorite pair of relaxed blue jeans. We're thinking the anti-skinny jean look.

What's more luxurious than cashmere? Could it be silk?

We'll call it an even tie. Here are some luxurious silk picks to keep you feeling free and fabulous, not constricted nor problematic.

When it comes to laid back fashion, we like our silk shirts to be looser fitting, to allow for room to stretch. Here are Shop It To Me's top silks to smoothly take you from day to night.

Last but not least we're talking TRENCH COATS

Trench coats always exude a certain je nais se quois, a little mystery if you will. A trench instantly pulls together an outfit and it always makes one appear so effortlessly chic. Who knows what type of mess is underneath a trench coat, but who cares? You could be wearing heck knows what underneath your stylish trench coat, but all anyone is going to see is how fabulous you look.

Check out these laid back yet luxurious trench coats to see what we mean . . .

Because fashion should be soft and comfortable!!!

Yes, we said it, if you're just chilling doing your day-to-day stuff, you should have the option to look as incredibly chic as you want to feel beyond comfortable. Like the feeling or state of being in your pajamas, but not. Casual yet stylish outfits do exist.

It's Fall/Winter and this laid back luxury is just what we needed to put an extra pep in our step and to give us an extra shot (or 3) of confidence.

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