The Anti-Skinny Jean Trend is a trend that makes us feel HEARD

Back in the early 2000's, it would have been hard to imagine swapping out our dangerously low-rise and so skin-tight they look painted on denim jeans for something a little bit looser.

But, here we are, and we're loving it!

The year is 2020 and the anti-skinny jean trend is a THING, so if you haven't heard, listen up!

Maybe you've been too busy to pick up a copy of Vogue magazine, too busy to stay up-to-date with the hottest Instagram influencers, too busy to even notice anything "trending", so we're here to clue you in.

An alternative to the bodycon body-hugging skinny jean, the anti-skinny jean isn't about hiding our bodies, it's about having the confidence to wear something different.

Here we'll look further into this anti-skinny jean trend and show you the best options, so that your closet has precisely that— options.

How Real Women are wearing their Anti-Skinny Denim

Just this month alone on Instagram many celebrities have been snapped sporting the opposite of the skinny jean. But, per usual, we want to switch things up around here and focus on what this anti-skinny denim trend looks like on real people. Are you ready?

Below are some of our favorite Anti-Skinny denim looks...

Behold the loose fit, the baggy, the flare, the boyfriend, and any other type of denim that isn't a super skinny cut.

We're not saying you need to ditch your skinny jeans altogether, because, yes, we like skinny jeans, but we also like variety.

Casual chic stroll through the City, maybe hit up a few Museums

This girl looks fierce in her cropped wide leg denim, complete with a darker wash towards the bottom and a jagged hem. We love how confident she looks, and this is something that any woman can wear with flats or heels— your choice.

We suggest investing in a pair of Re/Done denim to get the same City slicker casual chic look. Don't forget to add sunglasses.

Going shopping with the girls, followed by Plenty of drinks & Laughter

R.I.P. Barneys New York, never a dull moment was had inside that store. Besides the sad image of Barneys in the background, this woman looks so effortlessly chic in her light wash baggy denim and feminine petal pink top. Replicating this outfit is easy, and the hint here is not to overthink anything.

To get this anti-skinny denim look we suggest Rag & Bone's high waist cropped denim.

Boating, but Make it Punk Chic

Bedhead hair, black tank, a plaid shirt tied around your waist, topped off with a pair of worn in Converse, and of course a pair of ripped at the knee jeans, this outfit is the definition of cool.

With this anti-skinny denim look, we like Re/Done's ripped at the knee loose fitting jeans, and you can even tug at the holes a bit more to loosen them up creating bigger gaps.

Invest in Yourself and get some Quality ME time in

Mental health and spa days are important, so never overlook taking care of yourself. And when doing so, wearing a pair of anti-skinny denim is the right way to go. Check out the two women next to the girl in the slightly slim bootcut jeans, they are rocking skinny jeans. They look cute, but not the most comfortable, and honestly we prefer the non-skinny jeans!

If you like the woman's anti-skinny jeans above, try AGOLDE's bootcut pair with a chewed hem, that has a slim fit but not skinny fit per se.

Take it to the Streets a la Street Style

This woman looks fashion forward, elevated, sexy, and very in style wearing her ultra wide leg denim and sneaker look. Pairing this outfit with a loose shirt works in this case.

We love Ganni's wide leg jeans below.

Where to buy these Anti-Skinny Jeans

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Where to go with the Anti-Skinny Jean Trend


This trend transcends all outings, and you can make the anti-skinny denim look as dressed up or dressed down as possible. Jeans are a very unique and easy to wear item, so you can really make it personal.

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