How To Wear Summer Clothes In The Fall

How to wear Summer clothing in the Fall is a sport. It takes practice, patience, and having some visuals doesn't hurt. But once you get the hang of it, anyone can become a pro. We happen to play this game very well, and we know a thing or 2 about transitional dressing— aka making your Summer clothing work in the Fall/Winter months.

So here's how you can double-time your closet and not feel bad about it:

1.) Just add tights

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Seems pretty obvious— but most women don't do it. Yes, that candy pink floral mini can go with pitch black opaque tights and pumps. Adding tights is a chic way to transition your Summer clothing into your Fall wardrobe. (ie all of your bright mini skirts and floral dresses included)

DKNY makes an affordable pair of black opaque tights, with a control top (we've never met a woman who didn't love a good control top). And, this look isn't limited to super black stockings. You can also add sheer pantyhose for an equally appealing effect/transitional outfit.

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2.) Wear a heavy knit sweater over a flowy dress

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This trick is genius and we're surprised more women don't do this. Even a chunky turtleneck looks sophisticated layered over your favorite maxi or midi dress. By adding a looser sweater, your outfit becomes more of a skirt and shirt look, but no one has to know your secret. But, we'd definitely let the cat out of the bag with this one.

After your "secret" is out, we bet all of your friends will want to copy your style. (and yes, you should let them)

3.) Throw on some cowboy boots

Cowboy (or cowgirl) boots have been making the rounds already and we love them. Add any pair of cowboy boots to your frilly Summer ensemble and you immediately look intentionally Fall ready.

Ditch your lace-up flats and your cute clarita Alexandre Birman heels for something a little more western.

We also suggest pairing cowboy boots underneath a maxi dress to transition your Summer to Fall style.

Bonus: add a matching (or not) newsboy cap for added style and warmth.

4.) Layer a lightweight or sheer turtleneck UNDERNEATH anything sleeveless

Creatively fashion-forward is this layered turtleneck concept. Pair all of your Summer slip dresses and camis over an ultra lightweight turtleneck for added warmth and style.

Are you loving these Summer to Fall style tips & tricks???

5.) Layer on a leather jacket

Whether we're talking about a blouse, a dress, or a t-shirt, to make your Summer clothes wearable in the Fall, it's a good idea to layer a leather (or faux leather) jacket over your ensemble.

We love how the above model paired her bright floral Summer skirt, added a black top, and then a black leather jacket, to make this look very Fall inspired. Adding black to your ensemble is also another great tip for wearing your Summer clothing into the Fall season.

Go ahead, cheat the system and wear your Summer clothes in the Fall

Summer, Fall, & Beyond?

So Fall's finally happening and we couldn't be more excited. What might excite you even more is that you can get more use out of your Summer pieces by incorporating them into your Fall wardrobe. Of course you can't totally rely on your Summer goods, but at least you can reuse some of your favorites.