A Good Maxi Dress is Your Summer Staple

Maxi dresses are unsung heroes. They are a 2 for 1 / a 1 and done / a 1 stop shop . . .

Okay, you get the idea . . .

Reasons why you should invest in a maxi dress:

  • They are easy to pack
  • You don't need to worry about coordinating a top and a bottom
  • They can be worn from morning to night
  • There are many different variations of them, so you can wear them often without repeating a look
  • They are easy to hem
  • Their comfort level is a 10/10

With so many maxi dresses to choose from, we've selected the best types and styles, so that you can just sit back and relax . . . .

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Here is Shop It To Me's lineup of maxi dresses and it does not disappoint.

Okay, so now that you are in-the-know and ready to save some serious money, let's talk about 1 of our favorite types of maxi dresses that flatters every single body ...

The Wrap Maxi

The wrap maxi dress is easy, breezy, and effortless, all while being insanely stylish at the same time.

Madewell makes the perfect long sleeved wrap maxi dress, and because of it's darker color palette, it's appropriate not only for Summer, but also for Spring and Fall. Featuring a fun yet mature floral print, this Madewell maxi looks great with either black pointed pumps, stiletto lace-up sandals, or flat gladiator style sandals.

Keep your makeup neutral and light, but don't forget lipgloss, some bronzer, and keep your hair clean, and wear it either all back behind your shoulders, or up in a low and tight pony.

Styling Tip: take this model's hair, makeup, and clogs out of the equation and stick with our stylist's tips above.

Super Summery is this Eliza J ethereal pink maxi. Also long sleeved, this works great for heavily air conditioned brunches, and cool Summer nights. It's also loose, so it won't stick to you or feel heavy, yet it still has layers and depth to it. Add black lace-up stiletto sandals and a black mini bag to switch up the vibe for night time. And don't forget to add earrings.

Now, embrace yourself for the night time maxi ...

Date night, girl's night, whatever night, move over lbd's, because sultry maxi's are making their way into the night.

Topshop makes this killer lace metallic polka dot maxi that is perfect for when the sun sets. The back is to die for, so please click the image and check it out.

Another statement maker is this sexy viscose green dress by Majorelle. This shade of green looks great on every skin tone and hair color. Super flattering - just trust us. Keep your makeup light, but do include a pink or nude hued lip gloss, and some black mascara. Top off this look with black strappy sandals and a black sweater (if needed).

And, because we love to talk fashion, here are some other stand out pieces that maybe you wouldn't necessarily pick for yourself ...

But, we're pretty sure you're going to be glad that we brought them to your attention!

The unexpectedly good looking maxi that looks great with a denim jacket thrown over it

Ganni just gets it every time:

When you want to go for that babydoll look, but you also want to wear black

Yepp, we have a maxi for that:

Last but not least, is this stunning black metallic floral maxi that looks equal parts sultry and sweet

Blue Life is on point here, and if the deep v is too much for you, wear a lacy black longline bralette to cover the girls

Maxxed Out

Now that you know that you don't have to settle when it comes to your maxi, bring your own personal style to the forefront and accessorize. Think about adding a straw bag, an oversized floppy hat, chic sunglasses - whatever the occasion calls for! Don't forget to think about how your look will photograph, by doing so you can get a better feel for what accessories to add and which ones to ditch.

Happy Shopping!