How to dress according to your Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Edition

Your birthday falls on or between January 20th and February 18th, some call you a free spirit, wear what you want when you want, weird, whimsical, unpredictable, intellectual, bohemian in nature .. does this sound like you?

No, this isn't a Craigslist personals ad ... you've stumbled across an astrology dressing guide!

An Aquarius woman is a rule breaker in fashion and in life, and if you're wondering how to dress according to your zodiac sign for Aquarius season, you've landed at the right spot.

Here we'll explore zodiac fashion for an Aquarius woman, what your zodiac sign says about your style, and when and how to style each piece!

Never boring, a little random, and always trend-setting, Aquarius women lead with their clothing, and they aren't afraid or worried about what others think about their personal style. Sounds great to us!

Here's How to Dress Like an Aquarius in 2020

p.s. an Aquarius's favorite colors are turquoise and violet . . .

& as we promised ... below you'll find outfits that an Aquarius might wear on different occasions. Ohh, and who are we?

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Aquarius Wear to Work Outfit

An Aquarius is funky at heart, so your work outfit is going to look a little different than the rest of us— which is cool.

You're not afraid to wear colors and unusual silhouettes, and we envy you for pulling off this wear to work look.

Only you can make strawberries on your oversized colorblocked cardigan look chic.

An Equipment white blouse is an essential always suitable for the office.

Timeless, tailored, yet still funky, pinstripe pants always have a place in your closet.

Style these pieces together, and finish off this work outfit with a pair of sleek black pointed pumps.

Aquarius Weekend Style

Casual, bohemian, comfy, yet still sexy, an Aquarius's weekend style looks effortless.

Dusters are making a comeback.

A luxurious silk cami in a neutral color is forever a closet staple.

Denim in a blue hue is another wardrobe must-have.

Pair this weekend outfit with sneakers to give off a street chic vibe and comfortable look.

An Aquarius's Favorite Handbags

An Aquarius doesn't always need to rock a designer purse to affirm her cool girl sense of style or to get approval from others. An Aquarius wears whatever is speaking to her at that moment, and these purses could be speaking her language . . .  

This supple hue of blue is definitely speaking our language in 2020.

This black Prada mini belt bag is timeless and will stay in your closet forever.

Caught you off guard with this Golden Goose printed tote? Good! We love to be one step ahead— always.

An Aquarius's Favorite Shoes

If you're gonna talk the talk, you gotta walk the walk ... that's what they say anyways. Aquarius' unite, and walk the walk in these sexy shoes for 2020.

Wedges are definitely making a comeback in 2020 and no one knows that, or does a wedge better, than See by Chloe.

Stay funky fresh in these Superga zebra platform sneakers.

And, just because you march to the beat of your own drum doesn't mean that you don't love a classic. You know a good pair of pumps when you see them, and these black patent Prada slingback pumps DO NOT disappoint!

Wear these Prada pointed pumps with the wear to work outfit mentioned earlier in this article!

An Aquarius's Overall Sense of Style

Like what you see here? Did this give you more insight on what your zodiac sign says about your style? Astrology dressing is fun!

Our stylists always strive to open up readers' eyes to new styles and brands, and we want to give you the fashion content that you won't get everywhere else!

Of course we could show you tons of crop tops or whatever the latest Instagram bloggers are wearing, but that would be boring!

In true Aquarius fashion, we're never boring, always trend-setting, and we love to have fun!

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